Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never Let Go

(you will need to scroll down to my playlist and press "pause" before hitting "play")

...many times I will listen to a song because it will help ease my mind...give me some continued HOPE or peace of mind but this morning as I was driving to my parents house this song came on and this time...this song spoke to reminded me as we are frantically searching for someone to help my dad...we are never going to stop...with every road block we are going to continue searching...we have people in the Tri-Cities who already have spoken with two different clinical trial experts at University of Washington but unfortunately, trials are very limited for my dads type of brain cancer and my dad does not qualify for any of them based on his history of treatment...and I feel like my dad's local doctors want him to be done fighting...what kind of doctor says, "when most patients get to where you are at they opt to stop all treatment and let nature take its course...which gives you a few months..." ...are you kidding me...I'm glad my dad has a fighting spirit and said "Hell No! I'm going to continue fighting this...we also have another Doctor in the Seattle area who is looking into finding out if there are other clinical trials or treatment in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Stanford, UCLA and Houton...and I even have someone looking for help in Denver and Boston.

My dad's not ready to give we need to find some doctors who are willing to continue some form of treatment to continue fighting this UGLY cancer.

...On this beautiful Fall day...I am grateful for the precious time I got to spend with my dad...the walk we took this morning...the conversations we had...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Building Awareness for ALS with your Help}

...this was "TEAM DEZEMBER" last year...this year we are missing a very important member...Tom...

On August 22, 2011, our wonderful {PeePaw, father-in-law, Dad} Thomas Dezember lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Tom was diagnosed in January of 2010, and was taken from us much too soon...we miss him so much! His death leaves a large void in our family, but we know his loving spirit is always with us. Our family will continue to do our part to build awareness for ALS which steals our loved ones from us much to soon...with your help we can make a difference in the lives of people affected by this terrible disease.

We have set a goal...but that's just a number...give a little or a lot...with all of us working together to support those affected by Lou Gehrig's Disease and to help spread awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a {CURE}...we can make a difference...that's what matters...your support for this cause truly will mean the world to us and our family and many other families who have been touched by ALS...we thank you and they thank you...

{Tom and I enjoying some SMOREs...August 3, 2011}

Those that truly cared for and loved Tom will honor him this weekend...along with supporting others and their families affected by ALS.

If you can give to this CAUSE we appreciate your generosity...


With your help, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of people affected by this disease.