Friday, December 23, 2011

A final honor...

...I'm finally getting some photos off of my's a picture that was featured in the Tri-City Herald of my dad's procession. I have no idea who contacted them...but I do remember seeing them standing along side the road. The procession was had traffic stopped for miles...and there were people standing here and there outside places of business along the entire route from the Hanford Patrol Training Academy (PTA) to the Cemetery. We were told that there we at least 117 cars in the procession. Inside the van where we were, my mom, sisters and I...there were moments of laughter and moments of we recalled certain memories during our childhood...listened to my dad's favorite songs and most of all just wished we weren't doing what we were doing...the procession was truly one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed...I always knew my dad was a VERY SPECIAL person and it was evident many people also thought so... many things have changed in the last few weeks...I still wake up just like I have the last 20 months wishing all of this was a dream...unfortunately it's not...I know that my dad is no longer in pain...or suffering...but the pain we are all feeling and the emptiness that is in our hearts hurts more than we want to admit...I know with time it will get better and we will all hurt less and less but right now it seems as if our world is going to stop because he is gone... :'(

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The life of one we love is never lost. It's influence goes on through all the lives it ever touched.

~ Christoper Holloway

I know my dad touched MANY...I know he is no longer suffering from such a horrible disease...right now I am at such a loss for words...but I want to post something...thank you so much for all your posts, messages, texts, dad will be truly missed...

"I love you dad"

Father's Day 2011