Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is {Brain Cancer Awareness} Month

This is me and my dad...just 9 months after he was diagnosed with begins {Brain Cancer Awareness Month}...In 2010, me and my family's lives were forever changed when my dad told us he had a brain tumor...he was and always will be our HERO! He was such a strong, fighter {all} of his life and after being diagnosed with GBM I thought...I prayed...if anyone could beat this terrible disease it was sure to be him...and for 21 months he fought...even though he knew from the very beginning GBM would be the winner! I know he was always fighting for us...As we go through this are sure to hear something about {Brian Cancer} or maybe you won't because it's often called the orphan cancer as it doesn't receive a fraction of the public attention OR funding as other cancers. We were told when my dad was diagnosed that this kind of cancer was rare...but during his journey I counted at least 10 people in our area who either had it or was currently fighting it...I wouldn't call that rare...I would call that a {problem}. More and more people are being diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain Cancer also known as GBM...there is NO CURE...if you are diagnosed with it you will die! In the United States about 22,000 people have heard the devastating news..."You have terminal brain cancer!" does not discriminate against age, if your male or female...we can do our part by building awareness...know the signs to look for...did you know that pharmaceutical companies do not want to finance studies involving a disease with such a short survival rate? If you are diagnosed with GBM...the median survival rate is only 15 months...for many that are diagnosed they do not even make it that one knows what causes this kind of sneaks up on many people who are healthy...and have been is the 1st day of help build awareness for Brain Cancer...I will wear grey memory of my hero...{Rudy G. Morris}...I love you dad...and miss you!!!