Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Please...call me}

Today is my turn on Jane's Doodles Blog, I used the *newest* {Attached to You} stamp set...LOTS going on...on this card...but I really like how it all came together. It's perfect for that friend or relative that you are just really missing the sound of their voice.

...thanks for stopping by...have a super day!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

...well the kids are quickly out growing Halloween...Ben didn't enjoy it at all this year...I guess I can't keep him to myself any longer...he took the littles (who are also growing up way too fast) and one of their friends out this year...the weather was unbelievably warm...it actually was a nice change of pace...

I made Ben a Minion hat...it took a whole 15 min. to throw together...
Mason...went as a Army Guy...wearing his PeePaw's Army jacket...it didn't matter to him that it was WAY TOO BIG!!!

 ...Camryn sleeps...eats...and LIVES everyday SOCCER...so she decided that she wanted to be a {Zombie Soccer Player}. This is what she came up with for her costume. The worst thing about her costume...is it appears that she had some sort of allergic reaction to that makeup on her face...so we are still dealing with that...it's bothering me, more than it's bothering her...hoping it will be all cleared up soon.

...these two are still the best of friends...so happy to see they love each other so much...and are such great friends too!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

**NEW** Jane's Doodle Stamp Release...10/30/13

Welcome...it's so exciting to be a part of this new release...the 4 sets are all AMAZING! I created something with each set...but decided to share this special card with you...

I made this {love you} card from the "Nuts About You" set created by Jane.

...the other THREE sets are...
"Random Patterns" created by Mariana
"Attached to You" created by Mariana
"Cube It" created by Angeline

...and I can't forget my favorite... digital stamps...the NEW "Peaceful Santa" created by Jane.
ALL THESE STAMPS will be given away to one winner...be sure to leave comments as you visit each of the blogs and see what each of us has created using them.
Here's the order of the blog hop...
Hop Starts Here w/Jane  http://janeb-myblog.blogspot.com

 You are HERE right now! Renee http://www.reneedezember.blogspot.com

Jennifer McGuire (special Guest  Designer)http://www.jennifermcguireink.com

*Be sure to check out the shop at www.janesdoodles.com 
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Friday, October 4, 2013

{Fall is Here}

Fall is here! Today is my day over at Jane's Doodles Blog...here is the card I made...using the {Jar Digital Stamp} & a FREEBIE {Leaf Template}. Since Fall has definitely set in here in the Pacific Northwest I couldn't help but make something {fall-ish}...and I can't finish off a card without adding an SRM Sticker {fall is HERE!}...seriously they are the BEST stickers to finish off your cards and scrapbook pages.
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Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Has it really been 4 months since I last blogged? I thought I might try to start blogging again...since resigning from my 1st grade position...that has left me with what I thought would be A LOT of FREE time, but I'm finding that I am really quite BUSY...on most mornings I've been able to get out and run...and I LOVE it! Running gives me time to really think and reflect. It's the only time I really have to myself.

I was in need...I mean REALLY in need of some new running shoes at the beginning of the month, I hate change and I took a risk and veered away from my normal Asics, and I am so {HAPPY} I did. I am LOVING my new Brooks. I started running and before I knew it the miles started adding up...and I decided it was time to set a goal. So I set that goal for the month of September...and in just 11 runs I achieved it. 100.93 miles...with the month not over...I'll add a few more to that total! Here's a digital LO I made to document this goal. {100+ miles ran in 11 runs}
Products Used: Dunia Designs - Template: Addicted to Squares, blah blah blah Kit & mtw Captured, RUN {HEART} is from Pinterest. 

I hope everyone has a very blessed Friday...and a wonderful weekend! :) 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is {Brain Cancer Awareness} Month

This is me and my dad...just 9 months after he was diagnosed with GBM...today begins {Brain Cancer Awareness Month}...In 2010, me and my family's lives were forever changed when my dad told us he had a brain tumor...he was and always will be our HERO! He was such a strong, fighter {all} of his life and after being diagnosed with GBM I thought...I prayed...if anyone could beat this terrible disease it was sure to be him...and for 21 months he fought...even though he knew from the very beginning GBM would be the winner! I know he was always fighting for us...As we go through this month...look...listen...you are sure to hear something about {Brian Cancer} or maybe you won't because it's often called the orphan cancer as it doesn't receive a fraction of the public attention OR funding as other cancers. We were told when my dad was diagnosed that this kind of cancer was rare...but during his journey I counted at least 10 people in our area who either had it or was currently fighting it...I wouldn't call that rare...I would call that a {problem}. More and more people are being diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain Cancer also known as GBM...there is NO CURE...if you are diagnosed with it you will die! In the United States about 22,000 people have heard the devastating news..."You have terminal brain cancer!" ...it does not discriminate against age, if your male or female...we can do our part by building awareness...know the signs to look for...did you know that pharmaceutical companies do not want to finance studies involving a disease with such a short survival rate? If you are diagnosed with GBM...the median survival rate is only 15 months...for many that are diagnosed they do not even make it that long...no one knows what causes this kind of cancer...it sneaks up on many people who are healthy...and have been healthy...today is the 1st day of 31...to help build awareness for Brain Cancer...I will wear grey everyday...in memory of my dad...my hero...{Rudy G. Morris}...I love you dad...and miss you!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday BLOG HOP for Judith

How wonderful that Jane's Doodles and Jay Gee's Design Teams have come together to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ...so Happy Birthday Judith...hope your day is blessed! Welcome to this special {Birthday Blog Hop} ...thanks for joining from Angeline's Blog...there is a great prize package available for one lucky winner...be sure to leave a comment at the end of the hop at Jay Gee's Nook!

This card was made especially for YOU Judith!   {Happy} . happy birthday to you .

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saying {goodbye} is never easy...

...after being on the JessicaSprague.com Creative Team for over 2 years...it is time to say goodbye! ...but as one door closes...two more open...don't you LOVE how that works!!!

...I have joined the liv.e DESIGNS creative team...and I am so honored to be working beside these creative artists who are supportive and most importantly great friends!

...I have already shared a couple of my first LOs since joining the team...but here is my newest...I dug through my computer and pulled out some photos from about 3 years ago of me and my dad...I thought is was time that I do something with these...I used Liv's newest KNOCK ON WOOD PPs which are arriving soon in the store at JessicaSprague.com.

Items Used: Liv.e Designs: Knock on Wood PP, Brown Bagger 3, Title Express. Other Items: Green Lights Ahead by Karla Dudley & Gennifer Bursett, Word Art by KD.

...and I have also become a member of Jane's Doodles Design Team! Woo Hoo...and it feels really good to be playing with paper again!

 {Thanks for stopping by!}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Our Baptism}

...recently Ben and I were Baptized...what an amazing evening that was...and evening we both will never forget!

I had been thinking about this for the last year and I knew it was time to do it...Ben had gone to Young Life camp this past summer and it was there that he allowed God into his heart...and he also felt it was time to do this. It was a very special time for the both us...to be {baptized} on the same evening.

It's not so important as to what the baptism looks like...WE KNOW THAT...we were baptized in a small horse trough...what matters is the right attitude...it's what is in your heart!

During my journey...I knew that Baptism was the next step...I had a strong desire to find and be right with God, I know He will respond with the personal miracle of receiving the Holy Spirit. Not as a reward for being baptized but because I have asked according to His word.

Click {HERE} for Items Used
I used the following: Liv.e Designs Loopies Vol 3, kd Storyboard, Pink Paislee: Affirmation Kit
...another amazing YET SCARY thing about our Baptism was Ben and I needed to make a video! We were both SO NERVOUS...here is ours...

Welcome to Jane's Doodles RELEASE Blog Hop

I am excited to announce that I am part of the Jane's Doodles creative team! ...and this is my first blog hop!!! WELCOME to my blog {It Is What It Is}
Today there are...one, two, three, four **NEW RELEASES**
...the first one is this adorable DINOSAUR one...called DINO-MITE...created by Jane...

 ...and the next is called FOOD ON THE GO...also created by Jane...

...this one was created by Mariana and it's called SWEET TREAT! I just LOVE those OWLS!!!

  ...and LAST but certainly NOT LEAST is DOODLE BLOOM created by Jane...and I used it to create this {just a note} card... 

...and just for FUN...I used the recent DONUT FREEBIE and made a {little} tag!

...you can find this freebie {HERE}... 

...your NEXT STOP is the amazing Eva's BLOG!

There is a GIVE-A-WAY!!! ...and one LUCKY winner will get all 3 sets!!! So be sure to leave comments as you hop through all the blogs! Also, the new digital stamp will be given away to 2 LUCKY people!
If you found my blog first and want to start at the beginning...you should go {HERE} to start at the beginning of the HOP!
Please stop by the shop {JANES DOODLES} and look around...you are sure to find something {AMAZING} to create with! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Happy New Year}

...so happy to say goodbye to 2012! ...and I welcome 2013 :)  ...as I look back on this last year...it has been hard for me to describe my feelings...so many of you know how broken-hearted I have felt...but I have looked back and through all the heartache and sadness...I have also been very blessed this past year...just a few highlights of this past year:

JANUARY '12: I started working in the Kennewick School District and Stuart and I finally made a conscience effort in making our house feel more like a {HOME}...it was about time we did this...Stuart did our walk-through while my dad was in Spokane having his brain surgery (Mar. 2010) ...so we knew it was time to start making this our home and stop putting it off...we still have a lot to do but we are on our way!

FEBRUARY '12: {Girls Weekend} with Charlotte to Vegas and Sedona...such a FUN and very needed trip!

MARCH '12: {REMEMBERING} and {HONORING} my Dad at the Run for Ribbons.

APRIL '12: Started working FULL-TIME after more than 6 years off...what an adjustment for me and the entire family!

MAY '12: Two trips to the Emergency Room, One Surgery! Can't say I've never had surgery anymore! ...this year Camryn ran the Joggin' for the Noggin with me...she was {AMAZING}.

JUNE '12: LOTS of traveling for soccer with Camryn has started! {SO MUCH FUN} Stuart took the family to Winthrop, WA...such a beautiful area.

JULY '12: ...more soccer! ...a FUN and EXCITING weekend in Seattle with Beth...she flew in from Ohio.  Stuart and I showed her all around Seattle and did things even we have never done before...it was a lot of fun!

AUGUST '12: ...still MORE soccer and MORE traveling...and we added in some football with the boys...and let's not forget BACK TO SCHOOL for everyone...including me!

SEPTEMBER '12: We all settled into our busy schedules with school and sports.

OCTOBER '12: ...finished up outdoor soccer and football...and started indoor soccer! ...and moved in my Mother-in-Law and cared for her while she recovered from quintuple by-pass surgery...{NEVER a dull moment at the Dezember house!}

NOVEMBER '12: Camryn is still playing indoor...I had yet another surgery...the day before Thanksgiving...

DECEMBER '12: Camryn was asked to be a part of the U10 RCL State Cup Team! Woo Hoo...my baby is so awesome...I couldn't be prouder!!! Ben and I both were Baptized...and I was so grateful for the friends and family who showed their support and came and watched this blessed event....AND FINALLY my MILs last stitch is out...I am hoping she will start to recover a bit faster now! I think she is {finally} on the mend now!

{MUSIC} is a BIG part of my life...if you are close to me...YOU KNOW THIS...I want to share a few songs with you...these songs have so much meaning in my life...the message is so strong for one reason or another...I could probably share 100s but I will share just a few :)

{Walk By Faith} 
{Steady My Heart}
{In Better Hands} 
{Give Me Words to Speak}
{You Never Let Go}
{I still Believe}
{From Where You Are}
...It's so good to be able to reflect...looking back I am able to see that there was plenty to be {thankful} for...I am so blessed...I thank god everyday for the life that I have...for the life that he has given me...I pray and hope that 2013 will be less stressful and our health will be {better} than ever!