Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer is over...School has started!

WOW...the summer just flew by, but it sure was packed full for us and the kids' activities kept us BUSY!
Ben started the summer off heading to BSU to Football camp...

...and continued playing football, working out, playing golf and mowing lots of lawns. He even picked up a new hobby this summer...road biking...after he purchased his own bike.
Mason...started the summer heading to Hermiston, OR and running in the RunTrackTown Meet and qualifying in 2 events...the 100m and 400m.
By qualifying meant he would be running next in Eugene, OR at Haywood Field, one of the best known historic track & field stadiums in the US at the University of Oregon...it was a pretty AWESOME experience for Mason, but he definitely let his nerves get the best of him.
Then Mason went to both Bomber and Falcon football camps...
...and finally RYF started!
Day #1
 ...on Day #2 a big storm rolled in and practice was cancelled...Camryn and Mason decided to play ball in the house and this happened...
...so after calming him down and me trying to lift him up...we get him to the ER...2 resets later and an X-ray...we find out it's in fact BROKEN!!!
...so now he's in a boot for 4 weeks and NO FOOTBALL!
Camryn had an exciting summer, it was filled with her morning workouts, LOTS of RUNNING and LOTS of SOCCER!
She finished FOFA being able to squat 125lbs! She ran her 1st Half Marathon with me and she
 did awesome! She set a goal for herself to complete the half in 2 hours and 15min and she came in at 2hours 12min
Her soccer team took 1st Place in the Beaverton Cup!
...and just a few weeks later took 1st Place again at the FC Sounders Cup!
...the girls ended the summer with 2nd Place at the Mt. Hood Challenge.
...it was a great summer of soccer. They are already gearing up for their Fall Season.
We ended the summer taking the kids to see the Reign battle Washington Spirit in the NWSL semi final match on Sunday night at Memorial Stadium...even though it was a LONG NIGHT...the game was awesome!

...now it's time to get back into the swing of things with school and try to juggle all these sports schedules...wish us luck!

{The sweet things in life}

...it feels like ages since I last made something...and since I needed to make a quick little tag, I couldn't think of anything better than to play along with the Poppy Sketches Challenge!  

...this is what I came up with...

...thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grey Matters...and you can help...

I can't think of anything more devastating than a GBM Brain Tumor diagnosis.

...we've all heard before...live like you're dying...that each and every day is a blessing! When you have GBM you truly are living each day as if it's your last.
I am still in need of your support for the Columbus Half Marathon...it is completely SOLD OUT at this time...only 2 months to go! In July, I had a giveaway for one of my LEAD ME with STRONG HANDS t-shirts. I have just a couple more weeks and my order needs to be in. Anyone who makes a donation to my ABTA donation page HERE will be placed in the drawing for a FREE one!
My friend Heather Rolin, helped me to design this t-shirt.
It's in honor of my Dad who fought a long hard battle
with GBM. He and the good Lord above both continue to
lead me with their strong hands.

I knew training for a Half Marathon world be hard, tiring and challenging and at times especially hectic while trying to manage the kids' schedules this summer...throw in an emergency appendectomy and things got really crazy...not to mention finding times to run in this HEAT! ...I knew my adrenal exhaustion diagnosis was sure to complicate things even more. I don't give up that easily but it sure feels like the dark side is doing more and more each day to stop me from completing what I have set my mind to do. I really could use your support! I've said it before...no one will ever understand the devastation unless they've been there themselves, but we all know what it feels like to help some one in need.
...here's how you can help...even if you just donated this mornings cup of coffee...and I am challenging you to do just that...you really don't have to give much, a little bit really starts to add up...help people continue their fight and honor those who have already lost. Just check out this link right HERE ... when we all work together amazing things can happen!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Give Up...

Recently, I listened to Stuart Scott's speech at the 2014 ESPYS'...I'm sure many of you listened to it as well. Bits and pieces of it really touched me, "Our life's journey is really all about the people who touch us..." I've listened to this speech now more times than I can count...it has made me cry every single time. I couldn't agree more with this part, "Don't give up, don't ever give up..." This holds true for all of us with anything we may be doing in our life. Always repeat to yourself those words. They may be the most important words ever in your life's journey.

Cancer is a word we hear every day...my first experience with cancer...I was young and my grandpa was to far away for me to see how it can destroy the person you are until it is to late. He died of pancreatic cancer - very quickly in 1992.

By the third time I had to experience cancer...I was much older and it was with a friend...our friendship did not survive.   At that same time my dad was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, GBM to be exact. When listening to Stuart Scott's speech..."...I'm not losing...I'm fighting...I'm  not losing. When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live...why you live...and the manner in which you live...so fight like hell and when you get to tired to fight lay down and rest and let someone else fight for you..."

If it wasn't for others helping others the people fighting couldn't do it..."This whole fight, this journey thing, is not a solo venture...this is something that requires support." In Stuart Scott's speech he said, "I can't ever give up, because I can't leave my daughters." ...in my heart I know that also was a driving factor for my dad...

My sisters and I...my dads daughters...I know he was proud of all of
back then and he was fighting for us!

My Dad literally had some miracles along the way during his journey. He was a fighter and out lived his expectancy, surprised his doctors numerous times.

I miss my dad like crazy! It brings me to tears just typing this...but that's just how important this is to build awareness for brain tumors. In hopes that one day no one will have to feel this kind of emptiness and pain...or go through what my dad went through.

I do not consider myself a TRUE runner. Though I do run and I have been getting myself ready to run the Columbus Half Marathon.

The Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon partners with Team Breakthrough: Team Breakthrough helps the American Brain Tumor Association advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors  and of course I'll be running in honor of my dad. Please consider making a small donation here every little bit helps and it really goes a long way...


...you find HOPE and INSPIRATION every where...I have found HOPE and INSPIRATION again here in Stuart Scott! ...as I continue in my life's journey...I'll continue to look for those people who touch me and continue to not give up! Also remembering that those where the words my dad always said to me! "Don't Give Up!"

Me and my Dad...right after a soccer game...heading back to the car...
this picture was taken in the early 90s. I picked this one to share as part
of my DON'T GIVE UP post because...during my High School soccer days,
I broke my ankle twice, after the 1st time, the doctor told me I shouldn't play again...that was
devastating news for me...I LOVED soccer! ...what did my
Dad tell me, "Don't Give Up!" ...I didn't...and continued playing...I even
played intramural when I went off to college.