Friday, July 27, 2012

Mason turns {8}

This last weekend we celebrated Mason's 8th Birthday! When I look at this sweet face not only do I not see 8 years flash before my eyes...

I also see what an amazing, strong little man he is! I knew this question would be coming sooner or later...and last week Mason finally asked me..."Mom, why am I so small?" ...we were out in public when he asked so I was not only a bit shocked...but I needed to make sure I could hold all my emotions together. I just looked down at him and his sweet face and said the first thing that came to mind..."well Mason, because I was!" ...he just looked at me with a strange look on his face...and for those that know me...I may not be so small now but I used to who is only 9, she is basically the size I was when I was Ben's age and Ben is the size I am now...he's only 12...I'm not sure where those two are getting their size...ok back to Mason...I told him he was going to grow...I promise. He asked when? I said, "When you grow up to be big like Daddy." ...he then asked, "Well how big?" ...and I thought for a second...and I said very matter of factly... " big as Papa..." ...and he said, "...well how big was that?" I almost lost it at that hasn't been that can he have already forgotten? ...but I  just need to keep in mind that he's a's been almost 8 months and my Dad was bedridden for almost a month before he died. ...and just like that our conversation was over. I held it together...Mason seemed content with the answers he got. It wasn't until later that I was by myself going over the conversation with him again in my mind that I did completely lost it... Mason's B-day approached I found myself dreading it...for the same reason I dreaded Camryn's Birthday back in February...who was going to light the candles...that was and always has been my Dad's job!

Well it was time to light Mason's B-day candles and I was frantically looking everywhere for them...I couldn't find them anywhere! I think my Dad was just trying to help me get through this...once "not sweat the small stuff" ...we never found any candles, but we did find a left over sparkler from the 4th of July! ...and we were able to sing Happy Birthday to Mason!

... it kinda looks like Mason thought it might explode! lol ...actually it was just windy! Mason had a great Birthday...he got exactly what he wanted and hasn't stopped playing with it!

Materials Used {HERE} are my July LOs for

...and if you are still on the fence about trying digital should really giving it a try...THERE'S NO MESS...and you are still able to document all your family events and unforgetable moments. The best part for me is the NO MESS!!! This first LO is one of {my family} one of many professional photos taken recently by an amazing photographer! We all loved our time with her...

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 ...this next one is of our super cute friend Ashlynn...who recently lost her front teeth!

Materials Used {HERE} the first day of school is quickly approaching...I pulled Mason's 1st day of School picture from the 1st grade and made this's so hard to believe he is about to enter 3rd grade! (funny thing is...he doesn't look much different).

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 ...this summer we've done SO much soccer! 3 nights a week in camp for a week/3 hours and multiple tournaments...Camryn has played in tournaments in Pasco, Yakima, Portland, and we are getting ready to play in Spokane and then we are heading back to more week of soccer and two more tournaments to go...and then we get a little break :)

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