Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF!!!'s a quick LO I did using the Everyday Adorable stamp set :)

...we are looking forward to a beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest - we'll be one kiddo short, as Ben's going camping with his Grandpa! He offered to take Mason too...and I said, "NO" having Ben would be enough...we don't have any big plans that I am aware of...I'm sure we'll enjoy the pool and just each other's company...maybe I'll get out and buy some new clothes for our upcoming trip :) Sunday, we should be finalizing our house plans and writing that 2000.00 check for our prints :D so excited! Did I mention I was excited :D

The kids are counting down the days till schools out...can't say I blame them - 9 days to go!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Thursday :)

It's time to HIP HOP!!! As the school year quickly comes to an end...we frantically try to get those "Thank You" gifts done for our WONDERFUL one that's super cute and quick! These will be going to my DDs kindergarten teachers...they are truly are the best! I hope you all "get" it...because my hubby didn't :(

I used the SCHOOL ROCK STAR stamp set.

...and I just had to threw in a LO today too :) Here's one of my oldest son Ben. I used the May KOTM, CONFESSION: i{luv} unity and Our Life, Our Stories. if you will please hop on over to ** Linsey's Blog **

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh my gosh...I have found...

the best treat ever! Ben and Jerry have out done themselves this this is just a limited batch so I need to enjoy this as much of this as I can while its around.

When I saw this for the 1st time last week, what made me initially grab it was it has brickle candy pieces in it...when I was younger I can remember eating ice cream with brickle candy pieces, but I haven't found it...I don't think once in my adult years. I was a bit leery about this one because it has white chocolate chucks but since it has a chocolate ice cream base I was like oooohhh I'm trying it anyway :) and I am sooooo glad I did.... or maybe this is bad!!! This ice cream is so good.

Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Brickle Candy Pieces, White Chocolate Chucks...

oh my heavens...I tell ya I guess I'll just have to run a little Thursday night I wanted some more...I mean I really wanted some more, so we headed to the store and they were out
:( evidently some others in town also discovered how great this ice cream is...

We went back last night and looked for some more...well actually we ended up checking 2 previous stores before finding it...but then we found it and I grabbed 2 pints! So if you want to taste the best ice cream of the time your at the store you need to look for some
"Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road".

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!!! This morning I got up EARLY and did my 4 mile run with no problem :) Glad I did it early as its already pretty warm outside...then we took the kids to Lowes to build a box - lol Oh I wish I would have taken my camera...Mason was so cute building his...that little stinker my just grow up and be a contractor!

...the weather here in Eastern Washington is BEAUTIFUL...we promised the kids we'd take them back to the pool this afternoon (before heading to the wedding)...we met some friends there yesterday afternoon...and our 1/2 hour time limit turned into a hour and 1/2 but it was fun and the weather was just perfect!

...after grabbing some lunch at Costco, we came home and Ben and Stuart mowed the lawn (you know...just in case people are driving around looking at houses this weekend...we wanted to make sure ours is looking good...we had someone come by while they were working :)...then the boys washed the cars which desperately needed it, so Kelly if you are reading can rest peacefully and STOP writing on Stuart's car...and I was inside busy making a card...hope everyone has a great weekend...

I used PP & Ribbon from GCD Studios and "Always Remember" comes from the CONFESSIONS: i {luv} unity Stamp Set. TFL :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. Mason is heading to Kindergarten...

...Mason graduated from Preschool yesterday! It was such a fun graduation too! He sang songs...and I mean he sang!!! He didn't just stand there...he was so cute!!!

We are so proud of are on your way...then last night we went to "Welcome to Kindergarten" at his new school...he wasn't quite sure about me dropping him I could go to the parent meeting but he did just fine...he is such an amazing little guy :)

...I LOVED this quote from last night..."early experiences are so powerful they can completely alter the way a child learns..." so true :)
So have fun with your children this summer...just emerging yourselves in meaningful'll be happy you did :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HIP HOP Everyone!!!

Today's Hip Hop is all about... STARS*FREEDOM*BEAUTY*DREAMS*HERO'S*

Well we all have a hero...don't we? Who's your hero? My hero is my dad!!! Not only is he a hero because he served for our country... he is who I have looked up to my whole life...he is the strongest...smartest...wisest man I know...over the years some things have changed between us, but no matter what he will ALWAYS be my dad and he will always be someone I admire and look up too!

On this LO I used the You're a Star and "free" from the CONFESSION: i {luv} unity

...and I just had to do another LO just for I used...CONFESSION: i {luv} unity again and Everyday Adorable

I've had these photos of Mason now for a year...riding his scooter on the BMX track -lol Mason has been riding this scooter since he was two...and let me tell you - he can ride like the wind! It really is the most amazing thing you've ever seen.

On both of these LOs I used LOTS of GCD Studio goodies. TFL

Now its time to HOP on over to see...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's a Digital Day :)

...yesterday afternoon I felt tired...but not too tired to make a digital LO :) I used several kits by Crystal Wilkerson which all can be found at 2Peas - tfl I need to get busy and complete the boys' LOs...and I also have 3 paper LOs in the works that I would like to get done today.

I just got home from my morning run...I have a few errands to run this morning while Mason's in school...he only has today left and then graduation tomorrow...along with his last T-ball game tonight...looks like we are wrapping up all of the Spring activities now.

Well I need to jump in the shower this morning and be ready so I can walk the kids to the bus stop to make sure I can put out any fires should there any arise! Nothing like snotty kids at the bus stop!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GCD Studios sketch and give-a-way!!!

I made this card for GCD Studios...and now they are having a give-a-way!!! All you need to do is...follow the sketch doesn't have to be exact...make it your own :) have until tomorrow morning, at 10am PST to turn in your card on the GCD Blog :)

...if you are picked as the winner you will win....

ONE OF EVERY COLOR.... Glitter letter stickers! That's 14 PACKS of GLITTER LETTER STICKERS!

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see what you create...the design team will vote to pick the winner. Have fun creating!

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st "real" heat of the year!

...its 7:30 pm and the kids are outside with the water guns playing...I can't believe its still so warm outside...they don't seem to mind the winds that have picked up...hopefully the heat will stay around now and we won't see the temps drop...the pool in the neighborhood opens Memorial Day weekend and that's all the kids can talk about...I'm sure we'll be spending A LOT of time there once it opens up!

...earlier this evening Mason had his last T-ball practice and we did our little celebration...the kids got their certificates and trophies...this afternoon I made each of them their own special little treat which was a BIG HIT!!! (but who doesn't love Rice-Crispy treats)

...we are kinda embarrassed to admit that we are happy to see this season come to an end...only Ben's season to wrap up and then we are taking a break...well...maybe...Ben will be trying out again from Summer Tournament Teams! If he makes one of these teams then it looks like we will continue to have baseball 4-5 nights a week and a minimum of 3 tournaments during the summer. We have had to have a talk with Ben and make sure that he understands that NOT every boy will make a team...all the players during try-outs are rated on their abilities in different areas and their effort and attitude demonstrated...they will be placed on teams based on their overall ratings we will see what happens. NOT every 9 year old boy will be placed on a team. Well I need to get some of the laundry folded...the kids are in bed...and its almost time for me to call it a night!

..."actual" training has begun!

Today marks the official 1st day of "marathon training"...ok not a full marathon....I have decided to only do a 1/2 marathon 13.1 miles sounds good enough to me!...about a month ago I started running just to see if my ankle could hold up ( as many of you know in September I basically broke my ankle during a photoshoot at the pond by our house...of all places - lol good news I didn't drop my camera - bad news its taken FOREVER for my ankle to heal, but so far so good with my ankle...but as I continue to add more distance I am beginning to feel a bit of a strain on my ankle but I am determined to so this.

This morning I got up and ran at 5:50am and good's high is supposed to be around 94. Gina, my twin sister and I decided to do this "together", we haven't done anything together in a long this should be fun! Some of you might remember me blogging about her completing her 1st full marathon this last October...I'm not crazy enough to do that - lol - I think we'll do great - we are good at pushing each other and we won't let each other QUIT...not that we will, that's not in our bones...back to our training...its all mapped out...20 weeks a total of 440 miles (unless I miscounted ;)...) between now and race day.

Gina and I will be running most of our week days runs by ourselves, but our LONG Saturday runs we've decided to run together...with our busy lives, schedules and families its just easier this way, plus this way we won't have to worry about disappointing one another if we can't make it at a certain time or at all. one down...

Friday, May 15, 2009


...Mother's Day may have been last Sunday...but my gift came yesterday afternoon...when we got the call a day early to go and sign our closing papers - we closed on our land!!!

When we where still living in Spokane we had picked out this land to have our new home built...and it all fell apart because our house wasn't selling...but you know that saying, "good things come to those who wait"...well we waited...and that dirt is now finally ours :) Stuart and I talked about if its meant to be - it will still be available - and it was...though someone did try to buy it out from under us right after when put in the offer...but we are fighters - lol - and they weren't taking it away from us...funny thing is..."they" weren't just people like us..."they" were builders...and well that's a whole other long story...but :) we are very happy this morning! (We grabbed the kids and went a took some photos bright and early this morning before school.)

We've actually sat down with several builders...thought we had one picked out...started working with them on plans...worked with them for several months...things started falling apart...but in the end it was all GOOD because we found the right builder and we are in the final stages right now of our house plans and I am just so excited I could scream!!! :D I can't wait for our new house...the kids can't wait...Stuart doesn't say much - he never does...but I'm sure he can't wait either.

So my little book above will help me stay organized with all the "stuff" - we've built a house before so I know I will need to keep track of a lot of things...but this build will NOT turn out like the last and FINALLY we will have our DREAM HOUSE, it may not be a dream house to others but its "OURS" and I can not wait!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kit of the Month Day!!!

Today's Hip Hop is focusing on the Kit's of the Month both past and present...

Here I used the May KOTM

I used Core'dinations Cardstock and just a tad bit of Cosmo Cricket on this one ;)

On this 2nd LO I used stamps from the Sept. KOTM and the new "Confession: i {luv} unity" kit

This is one of those LOs where the photos just SUCK...the wind was blowing a gale - my hair and Camryn's hair is all wild and crazy lol...but I decided to use them anyway...this is "US" and well the wind never stops blowing in the Tri-Cities...and if I waited for it to stop I'd never get any pictures. Here I used GCD Studios Pattern Papers, Die-Cut Chipboard and Glitter Letter Stickers.

Also don't forget about the May KOTM Blog Hop happening Friday, May 15th at 11am CST thru Sunday, May 17th, beginning at the Unity Blog. Join us for a WEEKEND of Kit of the Month Creative INSPIRATION!

It will work like this: Angela will post on the Unity Blog at 11AM CST, at the bottom of her post she will put a link to the next person's blog that you should "hop" on over to, the next person will do the same and so on.

There will be over 100 amazingly crafty woman participating and ALL projects posted will be using Unity's Kit of the Month Stamps! Get ready for some serious creative inspiration and Unity fun!

Well now its time to hop on over to....

*** Jen's BLOG***

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new Digital Kit and LO to share...

Crystal Wilkerson has a NEW kit!!! Sweet Vintage Charm will be available at 2Peas on Tuesday!!!

This morning Mason's entire class met down at the park! I snapped several photos and created this LO :) I have a couple more LOs I would like to make and this kit will be perfect!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just a couple of cards... share...

Last night I needed to get a card made for an didn't turn out like I thought it would at all so its not getting turned in but on the HAPPY side I do get to share on my blog today :)

(stamps used: Unity: "i love you" from April KOTM & "bee" from "Everyday Adorable", Kraft and NEW Cosmo Cricket: Early Bird.)

and this one is in the May issue of Scrapstreet. I gave this card to my mom for Mother's Day.

(stamps used: "i love you" from the April KOTM, "quail" from the March KOTM, Swiss Dot Bazzill, Pink Paislee, Machine Stitching and Silk Ribbon.)

...and last but not least last night I got a request for one of my cards for the October issue of CARDS magazine :D yeah!!! Its one of my older cards but I'm happy they liked it! So I'm off this morning to get that in the mail...Have a great day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day came and went... went so fast...I'm not sure why Sunday's around here go so fast but they just FLY BY!!!

On Saturday afternoon Stuart brought me home some of these :)

...and then we all went out to Red Robin for dinner...Stuart had told Ben if he got a hit in his game we could go out to eat - so Ben picked Red Robin :)

On Sunday, when I got up Camryn had a surprised waiting for me on my laptop...she made me a little gift at school...and then all the kids made me a card while I was in the shower...

Stuart was insisting on taking me out to breakfast for Mother's Day but I didn't want to deal with all the crowds - so I just had him go to STARBUCKs and get my usual and also grab me a doughnut :)

Then we went down to the visited Stuart's grandparents who are living in an assited living facility...Stuart's mom had brought in some cake and ice cream and some punch...

It was a very sweet moment watching Ben help his Great Me-Maw read her cards...she was in such a happy mood yesterday, but she didn't know who we were...she said it was so sweet that we all remembered her birthday, and we reminded her that it was Mother's Day.

I didn't get any photos of me and my mom yesterday...but like she always says - its just another day right...I almost didn't get any photos of me and my kiddos...Stuart snapped this one pretty quick...I had just got done with my 2.5 mile run...but at least I have a photo...its not the best...but I have one :D

...for dinner Stuart marinated some shrimp and then cooked them on the BBQ - Oh my goodness they were so good...add in the glasses of wine and my yummy salad and I had the best dinner ever!!!

...but like every had to come to an end...I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

yep TWO POSTS in one day :)

Sheri Horton of Crystal Wilkerson's very talented CT Members has challenged anyone to...'s my take :)


I haven't felt like myself the past month 5 people Stuart and I know have been diagnosed with cancer...then this swine flu thing...I have spent the last week and a half feeling sick myself and I'm sure its just everything along with my allergies...I know that in the next couple of weeks some good things will happen :) I just know it!!!

Well the weeks just continue to fly by...its already been 3 weeks since I started running and believe it or not I have lost 8 pounds - WOO HOO!!! But those are the 8 pounds I gained back at the beginning of the year when I had to go off my headache meds when my sister and I were doing to Twin Study at the University of Washington...

...its been 6 days since I last ran...but I MADE myself get up this wasn't very windy - just a slight breeze so that made it a whole lot easier. At first when I started out it was harder but heck it had been 6 days but I wouldn't let myself stop...I pushed myself and well I did pretty good because it only took me 25 minutes to go 2.5 miles....which for some people is pretty slow - but it had been taking me 35 minutes to go 2.5 miles.

On Thursday, Camryn brought home a paper from school telling the students that Friday is bring a flower to your teacher either bring in a flower or plant from your garden or from the store. Well we decided to make her teachers a flower and thanks to Gina for sharing her pattern with us we were able to finish up late last night...but we got them Mason is pretty upset with me because I didn't make his teachers any...I told him that we'll put together a couple more for his teachers for the last day of school...Mason goes till May 21st so we have a couple more weeks...and maybe I can figure out why my sewing machine wasn't sewing too well by then...and Ben...well he decided he didn't want to participate in this activity...and I wasn't going to make him give his teacher a flower if he didn't want to...

I used GCD Studios pattern papers to make these - Camryn thinks they turned out great!

...well we are off to school - the kids think its a treat when I drive them and they don't have to ride the bus :) Have a great day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's a SCRAPPY kind of HIP HOP!!!

...focusing on Unity's Scrapbooking Stamps: All scrappy related stamps will be on sale today!

On this 1st LO I used the **NEW** Cherry Hill and Ducks in a Row by October Afternoon and little bit of Jenni Bowlin :) along with the stamp set Our Life, Our Stories...this is such a FUN set - a MUST HAVE for all scrapbookers!

Sorry this photo is a bit crooked...I swear its straight IRL - lol
...we've been having so much rain and lots of cloudy days I couldn't get a great shot of this to save my life...

...on this 2nd LO I used the May KOTM :) and GCD Studios...I LOVED how this one came together...I actually completed this one last weekend for NSD...I LOVE FALL and the colors in the LOVERLY Collection are perfect for Fall photos.

...thanks for stopping by today :) Now its time to hop on over to...