Monday, February 28, 2011

What will this week bring?

...besides more wind and some rain! It's awful outside this morning :(

I am being reminded MORE and MORE that there is just not enough time in the day to do everything that I want or NEED to get done...either I have TOO MUCH to do or I'm not doing a good enough job at managing my time...either way I really need to figure it out...especially since this week starts more activities for the kids which means LESS time for me at home.

I haven't left the house this morning and made myself some tea...TAZO Orange Blossom *Green Tea*'s doesn't compare to my usually morning White Mocha but it'll have to do...

...right now I'm taking an online class in my free time ( I said I'm finding that I don't really have much of that...but I'm trying to make some *FREE TIME*) over at called Mouse, Paper,'s a FIVE WEEK class all about infusing your crafting with DIGITAL GOODNESS! Heidi Swapp and Jessica Sprague are both full are inspiration!

Last night I put my Observation Notebook together... I need to put away my craft stuff...pull out my other files...recalculate my credits and register for a couple YESTERDAY :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything rides on HOPE now...

...well today's my "intro" over at SRM Stickers and we've decided to share my HOPE card...very fitting for what's happening in our life right now...I made this card several weeks ago...and I used the new Faith Sticker Sentiments...

...I also want to share this digital LO...using a digital kit by Jan {TheQueenofQuirk} called Old Boris...I started this LO last week...but just couldn't finish...I sat there for hours one day...but yesterday I finally could get it done and it's all because of Jan's {Beautiful} kit...which will be available SOON!!!

...the journaling is the lyrics to the Rascal Flatts song {I Won't Let Go} has always played a big role in my life...lyrics to songs speak to me and has always helped me get through different times in my life but over the last 11 has been kind of..well...sort of a type of therapy...I guess it's hard to explain...I listen to all kinds of music...but this song really touched me...and I knew just what I wanted to do with it...'ll need to scroll down and pause my playlist so you can listen to this :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a good friend...who brought us over the best cookies last week because she was thinking about us...I finally had some time this morning to finish up a "Thank you!" card for her...good friends don't always need to be there physically for us...but just knowing they are thinking about us means so much...I am so lucky to have friends that are there for us...especially now...I will never be able to thank you all enough...but my family sure appreciates you all!

Thank You! Thank You Everyone for your continued support...Prayers...and HOPE that we have one more day...that we can get through each day...

Monday, February 14, 2011

I think we will always remember this Valentine's Day...

...Stuart and I planned our Valentine's Day dinner like we always do...we eat it at home WITH our kids...but tonight we didn't get to eat what we had planned instead we made the kids Mac-N-Cheese and some Pineapple Sausages because Stuart has been feeling kinda yucky the last few we saw a doctor...who then told us to head to Radiology to do a CT Scan but then that was even postponed because Stuart will need to do a 6 hour fast and drink a yummy orange drink over a period of 2 hours prior to going tomorrow we will be heading back to Radiology to have that done...I pray that nothing serious is going on because we really don't need any other health issues to deal with in our family.

This morning I was able to go into Mason's classroom and help out with their Valentine Celebration...those 1st graders are so fun! Last night after celebrating my Dad's Birthday...Kaitie's Birthday and Camryn's Birthday I came home and quickly made a couple of Valentine's for Camryn and Mason's teacher's...

I used the Grand Nestabilities as my base and then just started layering...Doodlebug Sugar Coated I printed Elle's Studio XOXO Valentine Card and then cut out some hearts layers them...stitched them down and TADA!!! all done :) ...and I am pretty sure they LOVED these Strawberry Truffles from GODIVA - YUMMY!

Over the weekend I also completed these two LOs for THELUVOFART I loved being about to play with product that someone else put together for me to use BUT I also was able to use some SRM Stickers on these LOs stuff I tell you!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's evening!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day... quickly you have your Valentine's done? I have seen in a couple places this year these really cute and QUICK Valentine' I decided to make them goal yesterday was to complete these for the kids...the hardest part was driving to 3 stores to find the Tootsie Roll POPS...who would have thought these would have been so hard to find...

...glad to have one more thing marked off my list :)

Recently, I also made these cards for...ForTheLuvofArt...they have an amazing store full of great stuff...perfect for all your paper crafting on the look out VERY SOON for a couple of LOs and a mini book that I am currently working on...

Hope you have a fantastic I am expecting some very important news...until then I will keep busy...maybe go for a run...fingers are crossed we get good the good news we so deperately want.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy { 8th } Birthday Camryn!

...with each passing day I still can't believe how quickly time is passing...first it was with the start of the new my baby girl is turning 8! ...6 lbs 13ozs..and look at all the dark brown hair...I had to enjoy it while it lasted because once that fell out she was BALD...and she stayed BALD for a very long time...and when her hair grew back it didn't grow back in that dark...I was always kinda sad about that! Isn't she just precious? This is my very favorite picture of Camryn as a baby...we even used it on her Birth Announcements. You can tell she's a bit jaundice here...she is just about to start her treatments at home...we were so happy we didn't have to go back to the hospital...I never wanted to go back to that place! So having the nurse come to our home seemed like the heaven...
...I can still remember very clearly how Camryn was our "planned" planned that I wanted her to born on a specific I could continue working up to the planned time and my maternity time would be longer...however, she would be conceived two months BEFORE our "planned" time and...with that our really planned out pregnancy would turn into a complete nightmare...with too many stress tests to having to leave work, bed rest...and a really scary delivery where I couldn't even hold my sweet baby girl till MANY hours after delivery. I was so fortunate to have all my family there to start loving her immediately because I couldn't.

...nothing like spreading out {The Birthday} I have always liked doing that for myself...I am sure Camryn will follow along in my footsteps...we started celebrating her Birthday last weekend...we'll continue celebrating this weekend...and even continue into the following week :) ...gotta love that right? We just have some many people that LOVE her that want to share the special day with her!

Love ya sis!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW STUFF {coming soon} to sure to be on the lookout over at *NEW ITEMS* are coming into the store almost every day...I recently made these two digital LOs...using "mostly" items by Elle's Studio.

This first "Quick Page" is a sneak peek from Camryn's Birthday party over the weekend...the girls had a lot of fun being Baker's for the was a lot of work pulling it all together...but well worth it to see the smile on Camryn's face! She LOVES to be in the kitchen cooking! This was the perfect theme for her. This picture is of her and her good friend...they've been friends since Kindergarten...I can't believe Camryn is turning 8 on Sunday...boy how time has gotten away from us!

See Supply List {HERE}

...not very often Stuart and I are actually in the same April, Stuart will celebrate the day we had a very 1st date...20 years ago! I don't even know how that is we even look old enough to have been together for 20 years? Recently, while visiting Stuart's Grandpa...we talked about a certain time 20 years ago when Stuart and I were first dating and he overheard me talking to someone at a baseball game...he was surprised by what he heard and had to turn around and see who was saying that...he turned around...and who did he see...yep ME!!! We just laughed!!!

See Supply List {HERE}