Saturday, January 23, 2010


...I'm still in Wa. State...heading to CA in a few hours. I'm excited but not looking forward to being on the plane for most of the afternoon :( ...and I am already missing my family terribly. I hope everything will be alright while I'm away.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its Thursday...

...that means its time for some UNITY INSPIRATION...
Today I have another new LO for you using a new CHA RELEASE..."Its Your Day"

I also want to welcome Jessica Diedrich to the Unity design team WELCOME WELCOME!!! Check out her blog she has some amazing stuff to share :)

...well today is my last day to get ready for CHA...I will be busy packing and making sure everything is in place here for my hubby and kiddos while I'm gone. I will need to make sure that little guy doesn't make it in my suitcase, though I have found him in there numerous times this week. Luckily for me, Friday morning...I will get the kids out the door...head out to a meeting and then head over the pass later in the I don't think he will have an opportunity to sneak back in. I won't be posting while I'm those who check daily you won't need to come back until after I return ;) Have a super day and I'll see you when I get back!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

**CHA RELEASE** Unity Stamping Co.

Here's Donna Downey's "Insightful Meadow" brought to you by Unity! you can see from my LO below these stamps are very BIG...they have to be some of my favorites! I also wanted to share a bit of this mini album I made my MIL using stamps from this same set! TFL

I used the Artsy Urban Collection by Melody Ross for GCD Studios.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Its a rainy Saturday...

I usually LOVE rainy days...but I'm just not feeling it these days...this morning I am off to meet a friend for some coffee and good conversation...then we are heading over to the house...things are coming along nicely...the kids are getting really excited about their new rooms...Mason and I are still trying to find the perfect fabric for his new quilt and Camryn's too for that matter and I think I have just decided that the "perfect" fabric isn't out there...we may just have to settle :(

Today I think I maybe placing that final order on the last two lights for the house and then we are done...well with lighting...still need to get some other stuff...but I'm not too worried about those things...

Here's a digital LO I made recenthly of Ben and Camryn sledding on the 1st of the year. We didn't have much snow and you can see the tumbleweeds poking through...but that wasn't going to stop them. I don't think we are going to get much snow this's already the middle of January and the last couple of days it has been in the mid 50's. I guess one day of sledding is better than none.

Everything I used for this LO can be found over at

Well its Friday...

...another day down...another day closer to jumping on that airplane...I came across this quote this morning...loved it...decided to share it...

"People of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others. They do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else." ~Nathaniel Branden

Today I'm sharing several things...the first is my Friends with Flair project...

...I also have these four digital LOs...where I used the "Valentine" kit from DesignsByKrista I also added in a few other elements by other designers.

Thanks for stopping by today...have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday is my favorite day of the week!

Today I don't have a LO to share...instead I have a journal...

I pulled out some very old Daisy D's -paper I have had for ages...paper that I LOVE but just couldn't bring myself to cut...well it was TIME to cut into it...I also made my own paper flowers with it...oh I think they turned out super cute - I will be making more of these! ...and I used a stamp from the January Scrapbooking/Collage kit {Unforgettable Moments}.

Be sure to see what the rest of the Design Team did today...and Angela's Blog for today's specials!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prepare yourself...

...this is going to be a long post :) I was talking to a friend earlier today and she was asking me about one of my LOs and it dawned on me that when I have items picked up for publication I don't add them back to my blog or this post is devoted entirely to the items that I had picked up in 2009 :) This past year, I had things published in CARDS, Scrapbook Trends, Scrapbook Trends Idea Book: Mini Albums and



February: Scrapbook Trends







July: Scrapbook Trends
(This LO was featured on the Editors Page...I was in shock when I first saw it...I think I actually might have cried even!) This is my favorite LO of the entire year...and its not because it holds a photo of myself...I love the design and the story behind the LO is very meaningful...its message a year later still speaks very strong to me. I LOVE this LO!

July: Scrapbook Trends

July: Scrapbook Trends: Mini Album Idea Book
(super excited about this one...I made the cover...along with several other talented ladies.)

September: Scrapbook Trends
(this LO was also featured on the Editors Page...yeahhh!!!)

October: CARDS


November: Scrapbook Trends

ETA: Yesterday I got my Box in the mail and I had totally forgot this LO was going to be featured in this issue. What a great surprise though...don'tcha think :)This is probably one of my favarite digital LOs of the year. I can remember this day - like it was yesterday!


...what a year 2009 was...looking forward to 2010. I have already had 9 pieces of work picked up from paper LOs to digital LOs, cards and a mini book. I have also added a new publication to my resume PAPER CRAFTS....yeahhhh!!! It took YEARS to get in there :D and another Idea Book with F&W...I also will get to guest design for one of my favorite manufacturers in a couple of months...I'm really looking forward to that! Thank you for letting me share my work...and I look forward to sharing more. I appreciate all of you who support me and encourage me along and INSPIRE me to keep going.

Monday, January 11, 2010

CHANGE again

One thing about change is you just never know when its going to happen...I have decided NOT to make the move over to typepad afterall...with the things happening in our life I just don't have the time to try and figure it out AND keep up with everything else.

So I will stay with good 'ol blogger after all...

...I also wanted to add a huge THANK YOU to all our friends who are supporting us right now. Your words of encouragement, peace and prayer are so overwhelming and appreciated.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's time for a change...

...change is typically very hard for me...and with the changes I faced this last week I figured I would embrace CHANGE and face it head fact I think that may be my word of the year!

This word will take on many different meanings for us this year
...and to begin this never ending circle of CHANGE that we must face...this is my last post on blogger...

I'll leave you with a recent digital LO...

Credits ~ Kitschy Digitals: Vintage Cabinet Card, CreativityByCrystal: Cupid, Dec. Solid Paper and Elements, Crystal & Kristina's Holiday Word Art all available at, Font: CK Ali's Writing and Date Stamp by Karla Dudley, Twas the Night...word art by MrsJBCarr.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Stampin' Store Kit Blog Hop"

Thanks for stopping by I am sharing a LO featuring a couple of stamps from the January Store Kit {Livin' and Lovin' Life} ...these are not the greatest photos of hey we did just wake up!

I used the "Thanks" and the "swirls" from the coffee cup...

Credits: Digital Template by Jessica Sprague, Digital Papers by CreativityByCrystal, Other Elements by CreativityByCrystal and Karla Dudley. Unity Stamping Co. January Store Kit.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Friday...

...that means it's time for Friends with Flair...I made these projects about a week ago and I'm just getting a chance to share them now...I used the December Scrapbooking/Collage Kit.

Stuart and I will be celebrating 19 years together this coming April...12 years of marriage this I made this little frame...these stamps worked perfectly!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Thursday

I tried to post several times this week...but each time I ended up deleting my post...I figured I wouldn't delete today's post since I am sharing some new UNITY. Here's the January Scrapbooking/Collage Kit...

...and I used {Unforgettable Moments} on the LO below...along with a whole lot of digital items.

Credits: Template by Jessica Sprague, Papers by CreativityByCrystal both available at

I made this LO a few days ago...and some sad news has already hit our family - this was not at all how I expected to start the new is full of twists and turns and somethings we wish we didn't have to face or deal with...many things are easy to ignore or forget about and still other things hit us full force and there's no way to avoid them...

Thanks for stopping by today.

Be sure to check out what the rest of the Design Team made for today on their blogs!