Friday, November 16, 2007

...and finally the WEDDING...

Last weekend we drove to the Tri-Cities for Ian and Chris' Wedding. Here are a few of my favorite photos...I took nearly 600 photos last weekend! These first two photos are of Chris and the kids taken before the ceremony...or maybe it was was such a crazy weekend! I can't even remember if I ate lol

Ben looked so handsome!

Here's Camryn and the cupcake she picked by herself. I made all 144 cupcakes for the wedding...I never got to try the chocolate ones just the strawberry and white and the white was so yummy!!!

Here is the wedding party and Ian in Chris down by the Columbia River before entering the reception. It was such a beautiful day for a wedding and NO WIND!!! Which is hardly heard of lol!

At the Reception we all had so much fun dancing...and then Ted and I slipped away and celebrated our Birthdays...I turned 33 on Thursday and he turned 25 on Saturday! Happy Birthday Ted!!!

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