Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Baseball has come to an end...

...and we ended the Richland Rattlesnake Tournament in 2nd place!!! :D That's a great way to end the season ~

We started the tournament Thursday evening...played again two games in over 100 degree heat on Friday and it was HOT!!!

Most of this Summer Ben has played 3rd Base or Left Field...he said he liked playing at those spots...but...there's always a but lol

That darn fence was always getting in my way when I was trying to take photos!

{In the 2nd game on Friday}
During the regular season in the Spring...Ben's position was catcher...finally he got to show his "stuff" this summer :)

When both games where over and we finally got back to the car so we could head home it was 125 degrees in the car - I started the car and got the air going...I tried to take a picture but for some reason but camera wouldn't the time it did it already dropped to 124...

...and yes I do see all that car is really dirty lol...looks like Ben will have a job to do this week :)

I gave the coaches their "Thank You" gifts after the game on Friday because I was going to miss the games on Saturday because I got tickets to KENNY CHESNEY...I was really torn about going...I didn't want to miss Ben's game - especially if he got to play in the championship game and what do you know...he did :( but Stuart and I kept texting each other and I was kept up to date on what was happening...I still wish I was there cheering him on!!! Ben was really great about it all he said, "Its ok - you go to the concert mom and have fun, I'll call you!"

Here's what I made the coaches...

Saturday morning the boys had a semi final game and they won ~ so that meant they were to play again in the championship game and of course this weekend was the HOTEST weekend so far of the ended up being 108 degrees...Stuart had to deal with all the kids by himself...I don't know how he did since I was off to Seattle enjoying myself at the concert...but since I came home and everyone was still alive - I guess he managed pretty well :)

Next weekend is football tryouts...and then football season starts on the we have 15days of NOTHING :D no practices NO GAMES...I keep asking myself why do we do this to ourselves...then I remember that we aren't doing this to US we are doing this for our children!


kathy s said...

Congratulate Ben looks like he did a great job and had some fun- even with the heat. My cars always dirty- we're on water restrictions here so we can't wash any of our cars or anything else for that matter-outside wise i mean-we are still having showers etc. but its the middle of winter and we have had very little rain so what be must be. the pics look great- pity about the fence wire you still get the gist of the pics.

Margee' said...

Congrats to Ben and his team playing in this hot weather.
It was very hot for me to be out, but I enjoyed watching his game anyway.
Hope you enjoyed the concert in Seattle, at least it was a little cooler there.
I remember the days when you girls were small and we had activities to keep up with!

Gina said...

Woo Hoo Ben . . . he played Awesome in the game that I saw too! :) Way too HOT to be ouside playing Baseball that's for sure! :)

joslyn said...

looks like my lifeA:) congrats to your son!