Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did you know it was Teacher Appreciation Week?

...Teacher Appreciation Week has started...RIGHT NOW is the PREFECT time to tell those teachers who much they mean to you! Show your appreciation...even the simplest "thank you" doesn't go unnoticed.

I just finished up some very quick and fun "thank yous"...

SRM's Sticker Sentiments #51005 Thank You's were PERFECT for this little project!


Jen said...

These are so sweet! the labels are the perfect touch!

I am still trying to figure out what I will be doing - nothing like planning the entire week at school and then trying to do something different for a more personal touch ;) - awh life is fun!

I am going to try to call you right now... will see if I catch you :)

Jana Holden said...

How lovely Renee! The lucky teachers will be so touched! Thanks for being you!

Margee' said...

They look great!

Lindsey said...

a) love your song list! so nice to hear some music I know when I get the rare chance to go blog hopping. made me smile today!

b) we had staff appreciation last week, but I wasn't as ambitious as you were. Love those gifts!


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