Monday, March 26, 2012

The weekends just go by TOO FAST!!!

We started the weekend with new haircuts for the boys...I have one who if it gets longer than a half inch starts complaining and another who we tell him it's TIME to get a haircut!

...then we headed out to Camryn's soccer game where she got a HAT TRICK!!! ...and for those of you that don't know what that is...that's 3 goals in one game...she had an excellent game and played hard! ...and then we were off to Ben's Season Opener...believe it or not I have NO pictures...the wind was blowing and I didn't even take my camera with me...his team won was a great weekend of games for the both of them...Mason begins this week...and that just means EVERY day is filled with something! BUSY BUSY BUSY

...I'm still keeping up with my {Picture of the Day} and here is my February Calendar...I figure simple is good with this...I am trying to add my pictures almost daily but for sure weekly. I write down what my picture is so I don't forget and I mostly take my picture with my iPhone.

...and I'm finally getting around to sharing a little bit about what we did last weekend...RUN for was COLD...really COLD!!! ...but we wouldn't have missed it for anything...we got up early and was apart of the local Run for Ribbons were all funds raised STAYED LOCAL to support the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation...which is where my dad received his IV Treatments for his Glioblastoma...he started receiving them in February of 2011 and received them until November. Our Team was much smaller this year...we were missing dad passed away in December...but we went out there anyway...we put a smile on our faces...honored him and his life...his courage and his fight with Brain Cancer!

{Materials Used can be found HERE}

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Love them both!!!!