Friday, July 27, 2012 are my July LOs for

...and if you are still on the fence about trying digital should really giving it a try...THERE'S NO MESS...and you are still able to document all your family events and unforgetable moments. The best part for me is the NO MESS!!! This first LO is one of {my family} one of many professional photos taken recently by an amazing photographer! We all loved our time with her...

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 ...this next one is of our super cute friend Ashlynn...who recently lost her front teeth!

Materials Used {HERE} the first day of school is quickly approaching...I pulled Mason's 1st day of School picture from the 1st grade and made this's so hard to believe he is about to enter 3rd grade! (funny thing is...he doesn't look much different).

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 ...this summer we've done SO much soccer! 3 nights a week in camp for a week/3 hours and multiple tournaments...Camryn has played in tournaments in Pasco, Yakima, Portland, and we are getting ready to play in Spokane and then we are heading back to more week of soccer and two more tournaments to go...and then we get a little break :)

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY! These are amazing! I LOVE that first one--but all are fabulous;) YOU ROCk!