Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Happy New Year} happy to say goodbye to 2012! ...and I welcome 2013 :) I look back on this last has been hard for me to describe my many of you know how broken-hearted I have felt...but I have looked back and through all the heartache and sadness...I have also been very blessed this past year...just a few highlights of this past year:

JANUARY '12: I started working in the Kennewick School District and Stuart and I finally made a conscience effort in making our house feel more like a {HOME} was about time we did this...Stuart did our walk-through while my dad was in Spokane having his brain surgery (Mar. 2010) we knew it was time to start making this our home and stop putting it off...we still have a lot to do but we are on our way!

FEBRUARY '12: {Girls Weekend} with Charlotte to Vegas and Sedona...such a FUN and very needed trip!

MARCH '12: {REMEMBERING} and {HONORING} my Dad at the Run for Ribbons.

APRIL '12: Started working FULL-TIME after more than 6 years off...what an adjustment for me and the entire family!

MAY '12: Two trips to the Emergency Room, One Surgery! Can't say I've never had surgery anymore! ...this year Camryn ran the Joggin' for the Noggin with me...she was {AMAZING}.

JUNE '12: LOTS of traveling for soccer with Camryn has started! {SO MUCH FUN} Stuart took the family to Winthrop, WA...such a beautiful area.

JULY '12: ...more soccer! ...a FUN and EXCITING weekend in Seattle with Beth...she flew in from Ohio.  Stuart and I showed her all around Seattle and did things even we have never done was a lot of fun!

AUGUST '12: ...still MORE soccer and MORE traveling...and we added in some football with the boys...and let's not forget BACK TO SCHOOL for everyone...including me!

SEPTEMBER '12: We all settled into our busy schedules with school and sports.

OCTOBER '12: ...finished up outdoor soccer and football...and started indoor soccer! ...and moved in my Mother-in-Law and cared for her while she recovered from quintuple by-pass surgery...{NEVER a dull moment at the Dezember house!}

NOVEMBER '12: Camryn is still playing indoor...I had yet another surgery...the day before Thanksgiving...

DECEMBER '12: Camryn was asked to be a part of the U10 RCL State Cup Team! Woo baby is so awesome...I couldn't be prouder!!! Ben and I both were Baptized...and I was so grateful for the friends and family who showed their support and came and watched this blessed event....AND FINALLY my MILs last stitch is out...I am hoping she will start to recover a bit faster now! I think she is {finally} on the mend now!

{MUSIC} is a BIG part of my life...if you are close to me...YOU KNOW THIS...I want to share a few songs with you...these songs have so much meaning in my life...the message is so strong for one reason or another...I could probably share 100s but I will share just a few :)

{Walk By Faith} 
{Steady My Heart}
{In Better Hands} 
{Give Me Words to Speak}
{You Never Let Go}
{I still Believe}
{From Where You Are}
...It's so good to be able to reflect...looking back I am able to see that there was plenty to be {thankful} for...I am so blessed...I thank god everyday for the life that I have...for the life that he has given me...I pray and hope that 2013 will be less stressful and our health will be {better} than ever!


Chrissy (thescrapgirl) said...

Glad to see you bloggin! And glad that things are good! Happy New Year!

Beth said...

You did it!
What an eventful year, but so much fun (most of the time) through it all

Beth said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Love to you all:)