Saturday, February 7, 2009

Camryn's 6th Birthday: Part 1

So...yesterday morning after Kindergarten was over - I picked Camryn up and took her to get her SURPRISE...but I was the one who ended up being surprised.

We went to Monkey Dooz and I was going to let her get her hair done...she has never done this before and I knew she would just LOVE all the sparkles...she got her hair washed and then she sat in the pink barbie jeep and could even watch Toy Story while they were busy working on her hair...well to finish this story I will let the pictures just speak for themself...

The gal asked Camryn, "Well how much would you like me to cut off!" Camryn quickly answered I want short hair! I was speechless...and then quickly snapped out of it and asked her are you sure?

...ok by this point I was about to cry myself, but Camryn was just sitting there and she had the biggest smile on her face!

She was very happy with the outcome...I still feel like I made a mistake letting her do it...but the smile on her face says it all :) She's very happy with the decision...we were able to get a full 10 inches and Camryn donated her ponytail to Locks of Love!

I will share more about her special day tomorrow :)


Gina said...

CUTE! She was very happy and quick to say that now her hair was just like mine! :)

The Wuthrich Family said...

OH {no} I would totally be in tears! But her hair is really cute...but boy I am glad Ashlee still wants long hair!

dougnat said...

what a special little girl! her hair is adorable too. I just cut quite a bit off of Lauren's hair and kinda feel like you, but it will grow back!