Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The first day of a New School Year!

Well the summer just went too fast and today was the first day of school for Ben and Camryn...both of them were up bright and early - eager for the day to start! Ben is excited to have a new teacher...one that he will enjoy...Camryn is excited to make new friends and just be back at school, she loves learning.

Ben's heading off to 4th grade!

Camryn's going into 1st grade!

Mason and I headed to the school later in the morning for his Kindergarten Assessment...he's ready for school too but he won't have his official day until Friday, but before we could do that we stopped at one of our favorite places...STARBUCKS...yesterday they started serving our favorite...PUMPKIN SPICE...so we both got a Pumpkin Spice Frap this morning...yummy! Mason's drink was minus the coffee ;)...)

On Sunday, I went to my moms and I was able to finish Camryn's dress for the 1st day of school...my sewing machine was acting up so I had my mom take a peek at it...and I ended up using hers...I think I like hers better then mine :) Camryn's dress turned out really cute - I have material to make two more :D I used this really adorable pattern by Mindy Leone

We are just as busy as ever here - now with school in session...Football and soccer starting tonight were Camryn's new good friend Katie will be on her team...we just never seem to have any free moments to relax but that's what life is all about right? We make the time to see and do whats important!

Here are a couple projects I've done recently I wanted to share before I say goodbye...

Credits: Stitches by Sande Kreiger and everything else by Creativity By Crystal which can be found at JessicaSprague.com

...and these little photo cubes...one for Camryn and one for her friend~

Credits: Template by Amanda at MandaGirl.com, everything else by Creativity By Crystal which can be found at JessicaSprague.com

...just the other day we received a letter in the mail from Ben's 4th grade teacher asking for us to make a photo collage for Ben to share with the class. Ben and I put this one together...then I decided to make it into a digital page to add to his book.

..and last but certainly not least this little gift card holder...I used GCD Studios Vintage Boy Collection...and Unity's Sept. KOTM...I LOVE how it turned out and Tyler's mom did too :D

Thanks for stopping by! :D


Margee' said...

Wow! First day of school is here! I remember those days!

Projects turned out great!
Dress too! So cute!

Gina said...

Great 1st day of school pics . . . Camryn looks so pretty! Mason must feel pretty special to have gotten that pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks! :)

AJ said...

wow- i can't believe YOU made her dress! I can barely sew a straight line on cardstock!!
and the layouts are awesome- as the gift card holder!!
Mine start 4th grade and Kindergarten this week also!

Jen Martakis said...

Renee, you are so talented! I wish I could sew. That dress is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW...the biopsy results came back just fine. yay!

dougnat said...

That dress is ADORABLE!!!!! you are just the multi-talented chick!

Did Mason start school today? Lauren is NOT adjusting very well. It's all day kindergarten here and it is TOOOOO LONG. She cried herself to sleep last night cried this morning....ug, I feel so bad!

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Lovely projects, and even more adorable kids! ~ky

Robynccgirl said...

Great projects! I love that dress! Great job! I wish I could sew clothes. Quilts and purses are about all I can do!

kshand said...

I wish I had your talent for sewing, that dress is super cute!! Great first day of school photos. Great projects too (as always)