Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ben's 10!

We had a fun weekend! We took Ben to Silverwood for his birthday - sacrificed a bit since we didn't have my car to drive but we made it there and we had A LOT of fun riding rides...well except this one...while waiting in line Ben and I had no idea what we were in for...

Now I know why Stuart refused to go on it. Ben and I couldn't wait for it to end...and it couldn't end soon enough! Believe me there was alot of self talk on this one! lol (and I needed to talk to Ben thru this one to.)

Ben and Camryn also got to ride their first Roller Coaster - the "Cork Screw".
OMG...Camryn was hilarious, I thought for sure she had peed her pants. She wanted to ride it without any pressure from anyone but she had no idea what she was getting herself into. I was so proud of her!

Then we came across "AFTER SHOCK"
Ben insisted on going on this ride - and once again I had to go because Stuart refused...and well since I wouldn't let Ben go alone...I had to go...and all I can say is OH MY GOD!!!

We didn't get to ride the Ferris Wheel...we finally made our way down to it right as they were closing the park for an hour to get ready for SCARYWOOD...we were able to stay inside the park and eat a "crappy" dinner and an hour later we made our way back over the Ferris Wheel which they never reopened :(

We decided to make our last ride the log ride (I can't remember what its actual name was) but the kids enjoyed it and I am so happy it was out last ride of the night because as soon as it ended there was a downpour!

We headed back to the hotel, got the kids some icecream and now thanks to this weekend Stuart and I will forever have an inside joke about Cheetos! lol

On Sunday morning we left Idaho, and drove back to Spokane and took the kids to the pumpkin patch. Since we didn't have my car they could only choose small pumpkins and not their usual gigantic ones...but they didn't seem to mind. There wasn't alot of room in the trunk and since it wasn't our car I didn't want to get it all dirty...good thing we had lots of towels to put back there.

Monday was Ben's actaully Birthday and he decided he wanted home-made sweet and sour chicken and I truely have the best recipe for this! I do not make it that often, but it is good!

He opened his gift from us and enjoyed spending the evening with his grandparents. This year I didn't have to make a cake or cupcakes...at Ben's request we all enjoyed an ice cream cake!

It ended up being a very late evening - but it was a great evening! I can't believe Ben is 10!


Lisa F said...

That looks like fun - I probably would have peed myself going on some of those rides!!!! I don't like roller coasters and have passed out on them before!

Jen said...

Yep the chicken looks so good! I am going to have to get that recipe from you!

Happy Birthday to Ben! It looks like he had a super birthday - Chad and I are sitting here laughing about the photo of that roller coaster going straight up in the air...it so would not have been me going up in it!

Linda said...

Ho what fun night I love cute bday pictures of Ben He looking happy! Happpy Brithday Ben!