Wednesday, February 24, 2010


...has its good points...I am finding when I am stressed out...I can spend some time in my scrap room and create some projects! Last night I created these two cards and the 1st digital LO and then I finished up the 2nd digital LO this morning before heading to school!

To make these cards I used GOODIES that I picked while at CHA :D

Credits: Karla Dudley's Capture + Record digital kit. Fonts Used: Perpetua & Susie's Hand

Credits: Karla Dudley's Capture + Record digital kit and Father's Day brush. Kitschy Digitals: Vintage Stacked Flowers available at

I think this afternoon I will try to make a few more cards and get those in the mail...and hopefully find some new outside lights for the new house...the ones we originally picked out were discontinued :(

Hope everyone is having a super day!


Jen said...

wow wow wow! You have been busy!!! I ADORE that little robot card - it's too stinkin' cute you need to submit that one for sure!

As usual I am in awe of your digital layouts! They are both jaw dropping!

Stress is truly a friend to you ;)

dougnat said...

Are you kidding me!!!!!! your cards are so dang AMAZING!!!!! you totally inspire me.

...and oh my heck! I can't even imagine how you made the digital layouts! You are sooooo good at layering and all that stuff to make the digital layouts look real!!!! LOVE them!

Pamela said...

Beautiful work!

Kelly Landers said...

Love the cards!! So unique!! Super layouts too and WTG running like that!!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I love what you ended up doing with your Amate stuff. I have so gotta break mine out...SOON!!

Love My Tapes said...

I love your Digi layouts!!