Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I have started the day out the kids off on the bus and then went out for a run...I haven't ran since October when I did the 1/2 Marathon...some of you know I've been having a lot of issues since December I had x-rays show I had a broken tailbone, fractures in my pelvis and pubic bones...its surprising enough that I even ran that race...but I did and it was one of the proudest moments in my life...I had all kinds of hopes of running several more races in 2010...but I just haven't been able to March I met with an Orthopedist and I also found out that my pelvis is how in the world did this happen and why haven't I known about it before now? ...well I have missed running...and with the amount of stress I've had in my life lately I really needed this morning I just did it! ...and it felt no means did I go fast or far for that matter...but the short 2 miles felt GREAT! (now I hope I'm not paying for it later...) I also want to share a couple of new digital LOs!

Credits: Queen of Quirk: Scontheedge, Sitting Pretty Papers and Elements, CreativityByCrystal: Happy Spring Element Pack which are available at, Karla Dudley: Date Stamps, Font Used: Haettenschweiler.

Credits: LindaRoos: InTheMaking - Start Templates1, CreativityByCrystal: Oh Boy! Alphabets & Labels, Oh Boy! Planes, Cars & Trucks Elements, Oh Boy! On the Road Again, Sept. 09 Bunches of Borders which are available at, Font Used: Pea Smashtastic in a Hurry, Karla Dudley: Date Stamps.

Thanks for stopping by...and enjoy your Friday!

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Natalie said...

these digi layouts are AMAZING!!!! you rock girl!