Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally it feels like summer!

Yesterday afternoon I made my first gallon of sun tea out on the back patio! Yes...that is a gallon peanut butter jar - PERFECT for making tea!

...awwwhhhh it was so you add sugar to your tea...I don't :)

I haven't been making too much stuff lately but I did manage to make these money holders.

...these are going to someone very special :)
Well I'm exhausted and think I better call it a night!


Jane said...

I would like to try this Sun Tea idea. How did you make yours? How long do you leave it in the sun? I only add a tiny tiny bit of sugar, enough to be neither sweet nor unsweet.

Renee' Dezember said...

Jane you should give it a try...I took a glass gallon jar...filled it with water and dropped in 2 packets of tea...put the lid back on and into the sun for a few hours :) if it gets cloudy it could sour the make sure it's a nice sunny day...enjoy!

Jane said...

Thank you! I will most certainly try that!!!