Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

We had a great day celebrating {TOGETHER} Only one thing was missing...Mona and her family. We wish she could have been with us too!

My parents and Gina and her family came over for a nice lunch...and of course we all watched the US Open...

My Dad sat at the head of the table so he could still watch TV while he ate.

...and a yummy dessert...the Infamous Mississippi Mudcake...this time in the form of cupcakes!

...what crazy boys! They sure had us laughing!
My beautiful niece Kaitie...
Mr. Mason...already enjoying the Mississippi Mud Cake!
Camryn and her strawberries...

Today before everyone arrived we gave my Dad his gift and the kids all made him a special card.
...taking a mom is always there to make sure he is comfortable!
It was a beautiful day - even if the sun didn't shine and the wind blew! I am so glad we were all together and just enjoying one another.
Tomorrow I will have to share some more about our day...but now I need to say "good night".


Gina said...

It was a Perfect Day . . . wish Mona was home with us! We were able to put a smile on my Dad's face, that is something that hasn't been seen much lately, but was truely a gift to all of us.

Margee' said...

Yes a good day for Dad, he had a good time!
Wish our family was altogether.
Was a memorable Father's Day!