Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Sharing....

...Mason's Birthday...I know I say this every can they already be a year older? ...but can Mason already be 6 years old? ...we started the day off by getting a hair cut and he was in much need of one...and while Ben was getting his done...Mason and I just went out front and he let me take his was HOT and SUNNY so we didn't spend too much time out there because...well it just was too HOT and SUNNY...and Mason just doesn't like the sun getting in his eyes! lol So this is what I got...I guess I'll take it :)

...we waited for Stuart to get off of work and then we headed out to the movies...and then after that we went to dinner :)

...on Saturday we had Mason's Birthday party...we invited his friends over and since its been sooooo HOT...we had a couple Slip-n-Slides and Snow Cones...the kids had so much fun!

...Mason has been on a Toy Story every thing had to be Toy was a fun day! I had every intention of making the Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops but at the last minute Mason changed his mind...and I have to admit...I was so thankful...because I just wasn't up to all that work so making these cupcakes was so much easier for me...and they sure were YUMMY!


Lisa F said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! What a fun party!

Jen said...

Those cupcakes look so good! You have outdone yourself!

Happy Birthday to Mason! looks like he had a great day!