Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy {FALL}

...well it is finally starting to look and feel like {FALL} around here...recently I made a {FALL BANNER} that is hanging in my is using LOTS of SRM!I apologize for the crappy camera is about to die :( ...on one hand I'm not happy about this...but on the other :)

...and just to start to get in the mood for {HALLOWEEN} ...yes I know it's right around the corner...I have a Mini Tube to share with you...

Thanks for stopping by I need to get busy and finish up Camryn's Halloween costume...I'm about 90% least {MY} part is I just need to do the shopping part...Mason needs to decide what he wants to be...every 5 minutes he changes his mind...and it's easy for Ben...being in Middle fact...he's going to his 1st boy/girl costume party this weekend...I can't believe he's growing up!!! I have 6 days to have all this Halloween business taken care of...that's all the time I've given myself...think I can get it done?

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