Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...first Pre-Test...PASSED and ready for the real thing!

After nearly 8 weeks of practice Benjamin is finally ready to change belts. He received his black tape and was ready for his pre-test.

...at the end of class tonight he proved he was ready for the real thing! Friday night at 6 he is testing for his yellow belt. I'm so pround of him...he's really doing great! The instructors are actually very hard on the kids and make them accountable for all their actions inside and outside of class. Ben has never been a tough kid...but I'm glad he's gaining more confidence and of course excelling in this new venture. You know when he first started he was really reluctanct to shout in class the way his teacher wanted him too...which was very odd since I have always said I have the loudest children in the world...I had to tell Ben that its ok to yell in class just NOT at home. Ben and I will go down in the basement and I'll practice with him...even Mason and Camryn are learning the moves...the funniest thing those two do is yell "yes, Sir!" at the end of their sentences...once in a while after I ask them to do something, I'll hear a "yes, mom...sir!" I just have to laugh.


Grandmom said...

He's coming along in this, hope it helps me.
hey! I got it to let me comment finally!

Mona said...

Congrats Ben!! :)

The Wuthrich Family said...

Good job Ben! Can't wait to see the new belt ;)