Sunday, December 9, 2007

What a weekend!

Today we took the kids downtown to the INB to watch the Nutcracker...afterwards we went out to dinner and finished our meal with a deepfried oreo...Mason ended up giving his to Ben.
I was able to finish this minibook for my brother in law...he's giving it as a gift for are just a few of my favorite pages...

ok....we've been in Spokane now for about 3 months...we still can't get used to what we see on most nights in our front yard...they are always in 2's...the second one ran away when I tried to get this picture...he's standing to the side of me...still staring...I asked Stuart...deer won't charge will they? lol...I'm sure if they do I'll wake the entire neighborhood with my screams!
Isn't Morris just the funniest cat! He was just sleeping away :)

...I was able to make these for the neighbors and get them sure feels great to get one more thing mark off that list!


Grandmom said...

Morris' pic is cute!

The Wuthrich Family said...

*Thud...I can't believe that you are so far ahead of the game! Honestly...I am in shock! How do you do it all!

The mini album turned out great!

dougnat said...

wow girl! so proud of you for getting those awesome neighbor gifts done already! How fun to go to the nutcracker!!