Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween came and went...

I am not sure how the month of October went by so quickly! It seems just like yesterday that it was the 1st and now its the 1st of November! Our October, was filled will many soccer and football practices, and with those comes games...both Camryn and Ben had games yesterday. Ben had a playoff game in the morning and they WON - so it looks like we have at least one more week of practice but this week we'll be practicing under lights since its dark so early...that will be exciting for the boys...
(Ben is #42 in black)

...then Camryn's soccer game was later in the afternoon and by the time we got home from that we had just enough time to take some pictures outside before it got dark.

(Camryn is in yellow.)

...and we can't forget Morris - he looks happy doesn't he! lol

...and from earlier in the week here's the kids and their pumpkins...after we carved our pumpkins we made our own carameled apples for dessert!

Well we are off to the grocery store - we have a BUSY week ahead! Have a great day :)

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Lisa F said...

Camryns costume turned out great!!!