Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving Dirt + Us = A Very HAPPY Couple :D

On Tuesday...our new house was started! We've waited A LONG TIME FOR THIS DAY...and it was so worth it...we were so excited to see that dirt start moving and so was our builder...he is so funny! As you can see from the huge piles of dirt it took two pieces of equipment to get it all pushed to where it needed to be. as you can see from the second photo Stuart's already out there doing what he does best organizing and supervising! He wanted me to go down in that hole but I told him I would pass...maybe next time ;) Right now we are trying to figure out our roof color...and we are in an argument about our front door...but no matter who wins our front door will look amazing :)


dougnat said...


Lindsay Spencer said...

OH MY HUGENESS!!!!! I can't wait to see updates!

Jen said...

so so fun! Can't wait to see it all come together.