Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW STUFF {coming soon} to JessicaSprague.com

...be sure to be on the lookout over at JessicaSprague.com *NEW ITEMS* are coming into the store almost every day...I recently made these two digital LOs...using "mostly" items by Elle's Studio.

This first "Quick Page" is a sneak peek from Camryn's Birthday party over the weekend...the girls had a lot of fun being Baker's for the afternoon...it was a lot of work pulling it all together...but well worth it to see the smile on Camryn's face! She LOVES to be in the kitchen cooking! This was the perfect theme for her. This picture is of her and her good friend...they've been friends since Kindergarten...I can't believe Camryn is turning 8 on Sunday...boy how time has gotten away from us!

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...not very often Stuart and I are actually in the same photo...in April, Stuart will celebrate the day we had a very 1st date...20 years ago! I don't even know how that is possible...do we even look old enough to have been together for 20 years? Recently, while visiting Stuart's Grandpa...we talked about a certain time 20 years ago when Stuart and I were first dating and he overheard me talking to someone at a baseball game...he was surprised by what he heard and had to turn around and see who was saying that...he turned around...and who did he see...yep ME!!! We just laughed!!!

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Jana Holden said...

Love both of these new LOs Renee!

Margee' said...

Great LO's. Yep! Time flies!

Dad and I have known each other for 42 years in May! :)

Beth said...

What neat LO's!
Love them both - enjoy each moment with Camryn (& the boys). Cannot believe Josh is a senior and heading to college in the fall. Not at all sure what happened to the time.