Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy { 8th } Birthday Camryn!

...with each passing day I still can't believe how quickly time is passing...first it was with the start of the new my baby girl is turning 8! ...6 lbs 13ozs..and look at all the dark brown hair...I had to enjoy it while it lasted because once that fell out she was BALD...and she stayed BALD for a very long time...and when her hair grew back it didn't grow back in that dark...I was always kinda sad about that! Isn't she just precious? This is my very favorite picture of Camryn as a baby...we even used it on her Birth Announcements. You can tell she's a bit jaundice here...she is just about to start her treatments at home...we were so happy we didn't have to go back to the hospital...I never wanted to go back to that place! So having the nurse come to our home seemed like the heaven...
...I can still remember very clearly how Camryn was our "planned" planned that I wanted her to born on a specific I could continue working up to the planned time and my maternity time would be longer...however, she would be conceived two months BEFORE our "planned" time and...with that our really planned out pregnancy would turn into a complete nightmare...with too many stress tests to having to leave work, bed rest...and a really scary delivery where I couldn't even hold my sweet baby girl till MANY hours after delivery. I was so fortunate to have all my family there to start loving her immediately because I couldn't.

...nothing like spreading out {The Birthday} I have always liked doing that for myself...I am sure Camryn will follow along in my footsteps...we started celebrating her Birthday last weekend...we'll continue celebrating this weekend...and even continue into the following week :) ...gotta love that right? We just have some many people that LOVE her that want to share the special day with her!

Love ya sis!


Gina said...

Happy Birthday Camryn! :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Camryn! (I don't know you, but I know your mother adores you!)
Renee' - she was a beautiful baby and she is even more beautiful now! Have a great birhtday weekend!

Margee' said...

Happy Birthday! We all enjoy having family Birthdays!
I remember her birth, so glad we could be there.
Hope she's enjoying the weekend trip!

Mona said...

Hope you all have a great time and Camryn enjoys her birthday "week"! :)

Chris said...

Happy Birthday,Camryn!! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Your momma is a very talented lady and you are lucky to have her!! Enjoy those cupcakes she is making.