Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{ABSOLUTELY unforgettable}

..we are already 13 days into Brain Cancer Awareness Month...this month is just going to fly by!!!
With that...we always loved spending time with my dad on Memorial Day. This morning I wanted to make a LO honoring my dad...for Brain Cancer Awareness Month...and Memorial Day...well this kinda summed it all up in one! My dad loved his flag and he took great pride in teaching the kids how to raise it and fold it back up after taking it down...he's missed more and more each day...

Credits...Liv.eDESIGNS:  TMini 11 Story Circles & Swirly WordArt Vol 1

This picture looks like it was taken ages ago. This was taken in June of 2010, at Relay for Life. My dad is just 3 months into his journey with Brain Cancer (GBM). Here's what cancer and complete sadness can do to a person...I don't even recognize myself in this photo. I have already shared with many of you...my plans to run the Columbus 1/2 Marathon in memory of my dad. If you are just hearing about this for the 1st time...please take a moment and read this link. {HERE}

...I will continue to ask...friends and strangers...if you haven't made a donation please consider making a donation today. If you are like me...you probably think...every time I turn around someone is asking for a donation or there is a fundraiser...yep...that's exactly how I feel too! I know we are all feeling the financial burdens these days, but every little bit helps!  Trust me...making a difference in some one's life has such a positive impact. Even if it's just $5 or $10 that little donation helps!

Please consider donating today...


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