Wednesday, May 21, 2014

...amazing cause... incredibly proud of my children...
...for the last 21 days there has been a lot of talk at my house about Brain Cancer Awareness, they've heard all the talk about gearing up for my run in Ohio...they've heard me talking about how much I hate fundraising but I'm doing it because it's for such a great is important for so many people...those still suffering...those who have already lost their battle and then it dawned on me...fundraising is SO important for the family members of the brave, brave loved ones going through this journey. Family members, like my children who went through this journey right beside their Papa. He was someone they looked up to, someone they loved so much and also continue to miss greatly. Here are a some of my favorite photos of the kids and my dad during his journey with GBM, I have lots, but these are pretty special ones.
Mason and my Dad...right before he had his tumor removed...just one more hug!

Whispering sweet nothings in her must have been pretty good...she's smiling ear to ear! 
My Dad attended as many of Ben's football games as he could, this was after the game, he was showing him how to do a proper tackle! Gotta love it!!!

Like I mentioned before, I am so proud of these three, they are so selfless...they all gave me some money for the American Brain Tumor Association. It's not much, but it doesn't have to be...a little bit really goes a long way.  You all can help with this amazing cause too! Just check out this link {HERE}
When we all work together amazing things can happen!


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