Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 - Digital LO

I decided I needed to make myself sit down and finally share Easter...the days just keep slipping I made myself sit down this afternoon and complete a digital LO :) I didn't really get many great photos this year...not one single family photo :( very unusual (oh well it is what it is) but I did manage to get a photo of the kids...they had just finished the egg hunt in the wind and its not the greatest...and I think Ben must think he's getting to old to smile for the camera! What kind of look is that! Everything here is by Crystal Wilkerson over at 2Peas - with a little bit of Ali Edwards (a very favorite memory) and the stitches are by Sande Krieger.'s some photo's of our egg hunt...I am kinda mad at myself that I mostly got the back of the kids' heads this year...what was I thinking!


Gina said...

Yeah, I didn't get the greatest pictures either . . . actually I got very few! Your LO is Cute . . . even with Camryn's wind blown hair and Ben not smiling at least you got a picture of them . . . I got not a single one of Kaitie and Jakob!

Mona said...

We didn't get very good pictures either. The girls didn't even get new Easter outfits this year....I didn't figure they needed them when it was just going to be us four... :(

Margee' said...

Easter was kind of a blur this year, weather was yucky.
The kids run around so quickly, how do you get a pic?