Monday, April 20, 2009

Our "Fast" Trip to the ZOO

At the end of every Tax Season we try to do something fun since we miss seeing dad during the busy tax season...last year Stuart and I went on a cruise....this year we took the kids to the Portland Zoo...we had planned on going on Thursday but that meant Ben would have had to miss a WASL day...and that wasn't going to happen so we waited until Friday...and we pulled the kids out of school and off we went!

The kids were super has been quite awhile since we had last been to the Portland Zoo - as a matter a fact...Ben is the only one who's been there and I was pregnant with Camryn at the time. While driving Friday morning...the closer we got...the more it began to rain...but as soon as we arrived...the weather was perfect!

My favorite part about the zoo is ALWAYS the elephants and this trip was no exception...these elephants were really cute...and decided to give each other some loves for the camera! (and one in particular decided to do something else...and all the kiddos watching thought it was the funniest thing ever...I bet you can guess what that was? lol)

The crowds were...practically non-exisitant (a few school groups here and there) and we made it through the entire zoo in about 3 hours - it really was a lot of fun. Each of the kids can tell you their favorite part and not so favorite part...Mason in particular - lol!

...well I could just keep going on and on with the photos...I took 180 photos at the zoo but I think I better stop there. I do have an idea for a great LO :) so I will save some photos for that!

After we finished at the zoo we headed out and about to do a little shopping and of course some eating :) We needed to head back home that night because Ben had a baseball game Saturday pretty early - but we are used to driving and 3 hour drives aren't anything to us :) We are thankful that our kiddos enjoy the car and for the DVD!!!

Tonight - will be another BUSY night for us...Ben has a game and Mason has I was TOO LAZY to get up early this morning...and I have to get in a (short) run sometime before the end of the day...still trying to figure out how to do that! lol

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Gina said...

Great Pictures Renee' . . . Kaitie thinks she needs to go to the zoo now, she wants to see some Zebras! :)