Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Official 1st Day of Summer

...and to help celebrate we decided to go pick our own strawberries :)

...but it didn't feel like summer...we jumped in the car this morning and drove to one of my favorite places while we lived in Spokane, "Green Bluffs"...this time we drove to Eleven Acres and picked our own strawberries...we've never done that before - and though it was only 52 degrees it was pretty fun - the kids didn't even complain about it being so chilly. I was a little worried about the weather because as soon as we started out this morning it started raining, but it stopped as soon as we got to Spokane and it was pretty dry when we were picking - so that was nice that we didn't have to deal with the mud, but let me tell you as soon as we were all packed up and back in the car - it started pouring down rain! So I am glad we finished when we did. We ended up only getting 9 pounds - but since I have class all week I wanted to make sure I didn't have TOO MUCH to deal with.

gosh I just can't get over how BEAUTIFUL it is up there...and this trip the kids even commented...and kept saying how much they missed Spokane...quietly I was thinking to myself, "nice try" but there's NO WAY we are ever moving back! BUT your dad can't stop us from visiting :) was a fun day, even if it was cold!


kshand said...

My mouth is watering looking at the pictures!! Glad you had a great, although, chilly 1st day of summer. Love the new blog header too :)

Jen said...

OH what an amazing place...I am going to have to see if we have something like that around looks like so much fun!

Hugs...I hope you are doing well.