Friday, June 5, 2009

We are already almost 1/2 way through the year!

The time is just flying by!!! People told me it would - and its not that I didn't believe them...I just am amazed how quickly it really is moving!!!

Stuart and I are already getting ready to pick out out our new cabinets for the new house on Tuesday and our hard-surfaces on Thursday :) EXCITING STUFF...and not stressful at all...I guess the second time around and with a builder who actually knows his stuff...makes all the difference in the world!

I finished up my LO for "Celebrate the Seasons" over at 2Peas with Nichol Magourik...I used LOTS of elements by Crystal Wilkerson.

Ben got his glass picked out yesterday - we should have those soon! He is excited...we will see just how excited he is once they actually arrive and he needs to wear them :)

Only 2 and a half more days of school to go - the kids got to meet their new teachers - well actually only Ben did - Camryn was home sick again yesterday - but Camryn got to meet her quickly this morning...I know both of their teachers personally and I couldn't be more thrilled! We ARE going to have a GREAT year next year :D WOO HOO!!! and I say that seriously!!! All the kids including Mr. Mason will have wonderful teachers...fingers crossed Mason will still get the same Kinder. teacher Camryn has.

Mason came with me this morning to draw blood...and I told him see I didn't cry - he was asking all kind of questions about the tubes etc...the lady thought he was really funny...I was planning on scheduling the ultrasound I need to have...but there was just WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE so I left - I hate that may have to wait until after vacation...darn people...why is there so many people sick! :(

Well...I need to get off this computer and start packing for the weekend...and its probably not to early to pack for our trip next week either :D WOO HOO SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!! Have a great weekend!

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Queen of Paper said...

What a cute 2 pager! I always want to make them... but I always go back to the 12X12 solo's lol

PS Great playlist!