Sunday, June 21, 2009

...a weekend FULL of Baseball Games!!!

This weekend was the Kennewick National Fun in the Sun Baseball Tournament...we started with one game on Thursday, then one game on Friday...and ended with 2 games on Saturday...thank goodness our weather this weekend was quite cool for this time of the year and very pleasant actually. The tournament team is SO MUCH more competitive and SO MUCH more fun to sit and watch...why...because you can see that EVERY BOY that's out there actually wants to play ball and isn't being made to play.

During the tournament Ben played 3rd base and right field...he made some amazing catches out there!!! I liked the Kennewick fields but I didn't like the far as spectators...both sides were expected to sit together and if you wanted to take had to take them through the can you get a good photo through the fence! But they did have nice fields!!! these last two photos I didn't get good photos because as Ben was stealing home I was being sidetracked by Camryn and I didn't get Ben actually stealing home...just the right after...his team cheering for him...and if you could have seen him in the would have seen him rubbing his leg, because he hurt that too :)

Here's the team right after our last game - AFTER they had already cheered for the other team - this time they were cheering for themselves...and then they came out and lined up and cheered and thanked all the parents.


Mona said...

Wooo hoo Ben!

dougnat said...

Great photos Renee! congrats to the boys!