Friday, June 26, 2009


WOW its been a really LONG week...getting back in to working all day was harder then I thought lol I'll be glad when today is done...we leave for the lake tomorrow and then next week I won't have to be working till 5 or longer...on a different note, Wednesday night we had the parent/child fundraiser BB game - that was really fun and last night Ben had his Steel Drum concert so I'll have to share photos of those later but I wanted to share my GOOD NEWS...finially...a couple of weeks ago I was asked to be apart of the 1st creative team over in the "Spraground" at - I am honored and excited to be sharing my work and being part of this creative team is truly a great feeling! I have never claimed to be a "great" digital scrapper, I am with so many other talented digital and hybrid designers and many others who also share this love for this hobby or addiction whatever way you look at it...this is going to be a fun journey.

I'll be back next week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can you believe its Thursday already? Time to Hip Hop!!!

Today's Hip HOP is all about Christmas!!! AND a new stamp set is being released called "BRIGHT & MERRY Winter Wishes" - this is such a fun set and totally gets in you the mood for the upcoming holiday season! (also on this LO I used Just My Type and Retro BBQ.)

Here's another holiday LO for you all :) on this one I used the June KOTM! This one is super simple...but I think its OK to do that once in awhile ;) (oops I see a typo...I'll have to fix that date! lol)

Now its time to hop on over to see...

**Heather B. **

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Official 1st Day of Summer

...and to help celebrate we decided to go pick our own strawberries :)

...but it didn't feel like summer...we jumped in the car this morning and drove to one of my favorite places while we lived in Spokane, "Green Bluffs"...this time we drove to Eleven Acres and picked our own strawberries...we've never done that before - and though it was only 52 degrees it was pretty fun - the kids didn't even complain about it being so chilly. I was a little worried about the weather because as soon as we started out this morning it started raining, but it stopped as soon as we got to Spokane and it was pretty dry when we were picking - so that was nice that we didn't have to deal with the mud, but let me tell you as soon as we were all packed up and back in the car - it started pouring down rain! So I am glad we finished when we did. We ended up only getting 9 pounds - but since I have class all week I wanted to make sure I didn't have TOO MUCH to deal with.

gosh I just can't get over how BEAUTIFUL it is up there...and this trip the kids even commented...and kept saying how much they missed Spokane...quietly I was thinking to myself, "nice try" but there's NO WAY we are ever moving back! BUT your dad can't stop us from visiting :) was a fun day, even if it was cold!

...a weekend FULL of Baseball Games!!!

This weekend was the Kennewick National Fun in the Sun Baseball Tournament...we started with one game on Thursday, then one game on Friday...and ended with 2 games on Saturday...thank goodness our weather this weekend was quite cool for this time of the year and very pleasant actually. The tournament team is SO MUCH more competitive and SO MUCH more fun to sit and watch...why...because you can see that EVERY BOY that's out there actually wants to play ball and isn't being made to play.

During the tournament Ben played 3rd base and right field...he made some amazing catches out there!!! I liked the Kennewick fields but I didn't like the far as spectators...both sides were expected to sit together and if you wanted to take had to take them through the can you get a good photo through the fence! But they did have nice fields!!! these last two photos I didn't get good photos because as Ben was stealing home I was being sidetracked by Camryn and I didn't get Ben actually stealing home...just the right after...his team cheering for him...and if you could have seen him in the would have seen him rubbing his leg, because he hurt that too :)

Here's the team right after our last game - AFTER they had already cheered for the other team - this time they were cheering for themselves...and then they came out and lined up and cheered and thanked all the parents.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


oh you gotta love it when Unity does a "REWIND" :) today I'm sharing a "REWIND" fact this is the very 1st Unity LO I ever made... I love this LO, I LOVE this photo and I especially LOVE the Shurbery Tree stamp...on this LO I just masked out outer part of the tree...add some buttons...stitching...and then my journaling.

I used Be the Change and Shurbery Tree .

Now hop on over to see what the FABULOUS **Jennifer Buck** has to share!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!!!

Crystal Wilkerson really out did herself this month...her June 2009 Paper Collection is AMAZING and my favorite to date!!! Crystal will be running a "ridiculously crazy" PROMOTION on her blog for the NEW June 2009 Collection so keep checking her blog for all the details!

Here's a LO I made using the NEW stuff :) I actually ended up making this laptop is about to overheated right in the middle of making it the 1st time and I was about 85% done and I hadn't saved it...and I LOST IT ALL :( so I had to redo the whole thing...looks like not only will I be getting a new printer - maybe a new computer :D

...last night Camryn had her Tap Recital...and she did such a great job - no stage fright at all...and there had to have been several hundred people in the audience. We had to wait for quite awhile for her turn...Mr. Mason was getting so tired...but he waited patiently with his was hard for him to see the stage from where we were sitting (darn it all for being short!).

...while we continued to wait for Camryn's turn to dance....Camryn and I snuck out into the park and I actually place my camera on Manual and started playing around - I'm trying that more and's one I got last night... doctoring on this photo in photoshop...I just tried to get it in the right settings before I shot the picture :) for the rest, I had to take it back out of Manual and put it back into my comfort zone for the performance...

After the recital we all went to dinner at a local Brew Pub...we hadn't been there yet and it was DELICIOUS!!! I know we will be going back! Maybe next time during the week in hopes it won't be so crowded...

Well we are all packed and we are leaving in just a bit - we have a plane to catch :) Stuart and I will be enjoying ourselves in Vegas for the next several days...the kids will be with the Me-Maw and Pe-Paw...Ben has Steel Drum Camp and Baseball this LOTS of BUSY DAYS ahead....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Hip Hop!!! :)

Happy Summer!!!
Did you check out today's NEW RELEASE!!! "retro bbq...sweet summer time" + if you purchase it today you get "Love is Everything" FREE!!! What a great deal!!! :)

Here on this LO I used the JUNE Kit of the Month and Our Life, Our Stories.

I just love these pictures and I LOVED this day!!! What a great memory :)

I used some brazzill cardstock and kraft for my backgrounds and all the rest was GCD Studios...I just LOVE how this all came together!!! This has to be one of my favorite LOs to date.

Thanks for stopping by today!

**now its time to go see the SUPER TALENTED NATALIE**

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Winner Wednesday with GCD Studios!!!

Starting this week and going all through summer... GCD will be doing a give away at random, to one of their Blog Google followers :)

All you need to do is click on the Google "Follow" button...

and you could be picked as our next Wednesday's Winner :)
AND... if the (GCD Studios blinkie)

is found on your blog or a link... it will win you an even larger Wednesday prize pack :) PRETTY COOL HUH!!!

Today's winner is Lydia Siegel...CONGRATS Lydia...enjoy your prize :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Little League Weekend at Safeco Field

We went to Seattle this weekend and had to take a photo as soon as we got into the stadium and then the next thing we did was find our way down on the field so we could do the parade around the field...

...then we went and found something to eat...the kids were STARVING! We ate up on the roof...the kids thought that was pretty cool...but were too hungry to really enjoy it!

Then it was time to find our seats because it was almost time for the game to start :)

Ben was the only boy from his team there, but there were some other boys from our area at the game...and LOTS of other teams from across the state...they were all having a great was a great game and our kids were doing well until about the 7th then they were kinda tired of sitting then Mason gave up and decided to take a nap.

After the game was over the kids could go down on the field and run the bases and they all thought that was pretty neat...once we actually got down on the field the wait wasn't very long to run the bases...and even the biggest kid of them all got to run the bases to...if you look closely in one of the can see Stuart :)

...oh gosh I took so many more photos...can't share them all...I'll need to figure out what I am going to do with them all. We had a GREAT day - long but GREAT!

Friday, June 5, 2009

We are already almost 1/2 way through the year!

The time is just flying by!!! People told me it would - and its not that I didn't believe them...I just am amazed how quickly it really is moving!!!

Stuart and I are already getting ready to pick out out our new cabinets for the new house on Tuesday and our hard-surfaces on Thursday :) EXCITING STUFF...and not stressful at all...I guess the second time around and with a builder who actually knows his stuff...makes all the difference in the world!

I finished up my LO for "Celebrate the Seasons" over at 2Peas with Nichol Magourik...I used LOTS of elements by Crystal Wilkerson.

Ben got his glass picked out yesterday - we should have those soon! He is excited...we will see just how excited he is once they actually arrive and he needs to wear them :)

Only 2 and a half more days of school to go - the kids got to meet their new teachers - well actually only Ben did - Camryn was home sick again yesterday - but Camryn got to meet her quickly this morning...I know both of their teachers personally and I couldn't be more thrilled! We ARE going to have a GREAT year next year :D WOO HOO!!! and I say that seriously!!! All the kids including Mr. Mason will have wonderful teachers...fingers crossed Mason will still get the same Kinder. teacher Camryn has.

Mason came with me this morning to draw blood...and I told him see I didn't cry - he was asking all kind of questions about the tubes etc...the lady thought he was really funny...I was planning on scheduling the ultrasound I need to have...but there was just WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE so I left - I hate that may have to wait until after vacation...darn people...why is there so many people sick! :(

Well...I need to get off this computer and start packing for the weekend...and its probably not to early to pack for our trip next week either :D WOO HOO SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

...and the winner is.... family is patiently waiting for me so we can have some ice I'm posting 5 min.'s HIP HOP WINNER is...


Congrats Sandra!!!


Sandra said...
very nice - I need a lot of inspiration to use stamps in my scrapbooking - I think I found the spot!Sandra
June 4, 2009 10:42 AM


Email let her know you are the winner of:



It's time to HIP HOP!!!

Hooray for JUNE!!! I love that summer is finally here and the school year is coming to an end...and the June KOTM has made its appearance :) You will LOVE this month's kit!!!

...for today's LO I dug deep into the photo archives and pulled out some pictures of Ben when is was just 6...the same age that Camryn is now! Oh he hasn't really changed a bit he just looks more grown up!!!

Stamps used: June KOTM and Just Circles

Well you've reached the end of today's hop...check back later this evening and you might just be the lucky winner of a great little set of stamps!!! Have a great day :)