Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prepare yourself...

...this is going to be a long post :) I was talking to a friend earlier today and she was asking me about one of my LOs and it dawned on me that when I have items picked up for publication I don't add them back to my blog or galleries...so this post is devoted entirely to the items that I had picked up in 2009 :) This past year, I had things published in CARDS, Scrapbook Trends, Scrapbook Trends Idea Book: Mini Albums and Scrapstreet.com.

January: Scrapstreet.com

February: Scrapstreet.com

February: Scrapbook Trends

April: Scrapstreet.com

May: Scrapstreet.com

June: Scrapstreet.com

June: Scrapstreet.com



July: Scrapbook Trends
(This LO was featured on the Editors Page...I was in shock when I first saw it...I think I actually might have cried even!) This is my favorite LO of the entire year...and its not because it holds a photo of myself...I love the design and the story behind the LO is very meaningful...its message a year later still speaks very strong to me. I LOVE this LO!

July: Scrapbook Trends

July: Scrapbook Trends: Mini Album Idea Book
(super excited about this one...I made the cover...along with several other talented ladies.)

September: Scrapbook Trends
(this LO was also featured on the Editors Page...yeahhh!!!)

October: CARDS

October: Scrapstreet.com

November: Scrapbook Trends

ETA: Yesterday I got my Box in the mail and I had totally forgot this LO was going to be featured in this issue. What a great surprise though...don'tcha think :)This is probably one of my favarite digital LOs of the year. I can remember this day - like it was yesterday!

December: Scrapstreet.com

...what a year 2009 was...looking forward to 2010. I have already had 9 pieces of work picked up from paper LOs to digital LOs, cards and a mini book. I have also added a new publication to my resume PAPER CRAFTS....yeahhhh!!! It took YEARS to get in there :D and another Idea Book with F&W...I also will get to guest design for one of my favorite manufacturers in a couple of months...I'm really looking forward to that! Thank you for letting me share my work...and I look forward to sharing more. I appreciate all of you who support me and encourage me along and INSPIRE me to keep going.


Dora said...

what a gorgeous body of work! Super inspirational and congrats on so many pubs!

Angela L. said...

No wonder you've been published so many times! Your layouts, cards and projects are all gorgeous... Congrats on your amazing talent!

michib2006 said...

Awesome work Renee! I love coming to your blog for inspiration.

Kerry said...

Such wonderful projects! Congrats on all your publications and here's too many more in 2010! Your work is fabulous!

Lisa F said...

Beautiful work! Well deserved to be published! Hope you get a ton published in 2010 too!

Angie Blom said...

these are all wonderful, love all your inspiration!!

Jen said...

Woohoo! so glad you posted all of these! Congrats to you and may 2010 bring even more pubs your way!