Friday, December 12, 2008

I finally got some answers...

...from my MRI...and THANK GOODNESS I have NO ligament damage! Bad news...I do have some bone damage and I have some fluid pooling between the heel bone and the ankle bone...which explains why is still hurts like hell! The doctor said there's a fine line between breaking and NOT breaking your foot and he is amazed that I didn't break my foot that day back in September...I said, no kidding so am I!

This afternoon I spent what felt like hours getting photos ready to send to Costco and working on my December Daily Mini Book and I still didn't send those stinkin' photos in...I guess I should do that so I don't fall farther behind...well I am not really behind just need to add the photos. ETA: I just uploaded my photos to Costco and I can go pick them up tonight :) I will be able to share more pages in my Dec. Daily real soon!

Tomorrow morning I plan on making some Reindeer food and Carmel Corn for us to snack on during the Lighted Boat Parade on the Columbia River...I am just now hearing the wind getting going outside...they were predicting 40 MPH winds this evening...I sure hope that has stopped by tomorrow and we also have a 70% chance of snow WOO HOO!!! I am just as excited as the kids...I keep telling them that it won't be like it was last year when we were living in Spokane. Every so often I still hear one of them say, "I wish we still lived in Spokane..." and I always say,"me too too!"


Gina said...

I'm glad you got good news about your ankle and no mention of the "S" word! ;) I can't wait to see the rest of your pages. Maybe it'll snow enough we can take the kids sledding. :)

Mona said...

Great news about your injury! You would think living in New Jersey we would get more snow than we do, but we don't. My kids have not been sledding since 2005!