Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teacher Gifts are DONE and WRAPPED and READY to GO!!!

...except that the littles are canceled AGAIN tomorrow! So hopefully they will have school sometime this week so their teacher gifts can be delivered! This year both Camryn and Mason have 2 teachers...so I had to make 4 gifts...I made these cute "Cookies for Santa" plates using some vinyl and my Revolution and I added some Korintje Cinnamon from Pampered Chef and a recipe for some Snickerdoodles :) ...then I prettied (is that even a word lol) up the package and they are ready to go! WOO HOO!!!

Ben's teacher always is drinking slimfast and drinking diet drinks so Ben didn't think this gift would suit her - so he thought it would be best just to buy her a 1/2 rack of her favorite...diet vanilla cherry Dr. Pepper...he said she's gonna love it! I have a feeling she will :)


Gina said...

Great Gifts Nee'! :) I still need to get Jake's teachers finished!

Mona said...

Cute gifts!

The Wuthrich Family said...

These turned out super!

Deanna Weber said...

The plate turned out so good! I love your blog, it is going to be a daily stop for me.
Talk soon.