Monday, May 4, 2009

Well its that time of year again...

...for Teacher Appreciation that is :) Here are just a few quick little things I put together for the kids' teachers...

I made these cards for Camryn's teachers and inside I put some gift cards to *subway* and *starbucks*

...I used the FUN line SCHOOLED by GCD Studios here :)

...for Mason's teacher's I just quickly threw together these little post-it note holders...super easy to make and I pulled out my bind-it-all...which I don't think has been out since this fall...I really need to pull that out's really fun to use.

...I used more of the SCHOOLED line by GCD Studios on this one :)

Here I used the THANK YOU WORDS and SCHOOL ROCK STAR stamp sets by Unity.
...I have a card to go with this one that I made last week :)

...for Ben's teacher...we just grabbed a bottle of her favorite beverage...even though Ben doesn't like her we are choosing to show her our appreciation to actually get up each day and come to school and TEACH a classroom full of 3rd graders....very challenging 3rd graders I might add...having been a teacher myself for 8 years...some days its not very easy having to go to school and spend any entire day with other people's don't get me wrong...I LOVED teaching...and I do plan on returning to the classroom someday, but teachers CAN NOT fix ALL the problems that are brought to the classroom and though most try IT JUST CAN NOT BE DONE...all teachers should be appreciated for at least getting up each morning and going to school and spending the day with our children.

...I used the THANK YOU WORDS stamps by Unity here :) tfl


Gina said...

I will say it again it's their job . . . the profession they chose! I'll send out appreciation when it's deserved! There obviously isn't enough teachers in this world like YOU!!!

Lesli said...

Wow Renee' - I wish I had been a better mom than I was. Every year I watch in awe as you remember those wonderful teachers who taught your children. I am always impressed! I hope maybe I can encourage my girls to do the same for their children's teachers - I sure wish I had! You are a great example!

Jen said...

OOOH I love that GCD apple paper...I need to get some of that! Super projects...can't wait to share my twist on the "sub" thing :)