Monday, May 18, 2009

1st "real" heat of the year!

...its 7:30 pm and the kids are outside with the water guns playing...I can't believe its still so warm outside...they don't seem to mind the winds that have picked up...hopefully the heat will stay around now and we won't see the temps drop...the pool in the neighborhood opens Memorial Day weekend and that's all the kids can talk about...I'm sure we'll be spending A LOT of time there once it opens up!

...earlier this evening Mason had his last T-ball practice and we did our little celebration...the kids got their certificates and trophies...this afternoon I made each of them their own special little treat which was a BIG HIT!!! (but who doesn't love Rice-Crispy treats)

...we are kinda embarrassed to admit that we are happy to see this season come to an end...only Ben's season to wrap up and then we are taking a break...well...maybe...Ben will be trying out again from Summer Tournament Teams! If he makes one of these teams then it looks like we will continue to have baseball 4-5 nights a week and a minimum of 3 tournaments during the summer. We have had to have a talk with Ben and make sure that he understands that NOT every boy will make a team...all the players during try-outs are rated on their abilities in different areas and their effort and attitude demonstrated...they will be placed on teams based on their overall ratings we will see what happens. NOT every 9 year old boy will be placed on a team. Well I need to get some of the laundry folded...the kids are in bed...and its almost time for me to call it a night!


Gina said...

The kids really look like they're enjoying themselves . . . and those treats turned out really Cute!

AJ said...

cute pics Renee'- it looks like you have a lot going on lately- all good things!! congrats on the new land, and the marathon training- I am contemplating it myself!!!!

Maren said...

Such fun!! :) Looks like things are cooling down...:(